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Friday, July 20, 2018 12:36 am

Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out is a now-annual event created by Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour that was designed to boost the fashion industry during the economic recession. The main Fashion's Night Out was held in New York City, but others were held across the

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A model, hired by Juicy Couture, stands on the store's upper level handing out free bottled water from a silver tray.

A model, hired by Juicy Couture, stands on the store's upper level handing out free bottled water from a silver tray. 1Picture by Emma LansworthShoppers walk down the staircase leading to the sale section in Juicy Couture. The incredible savings drew hundreds of customers.2Picture by Emma LansworthThe designer Betsey Johnson's store was full of customers all night. The store hosted a VIP garden party, boasting free cupcakes and other goodies. The only way to get into the VIP party was to make a purchase, which proved to be effective.3Picture by Emma LansworthThe Vitamin Water Lounge, meant to be a hangout spot for shoppers, is barely used despite the DJ playing loud music.4Picture by Emma LansworthLacoste sold New York City edition Fashion's Night Out t-shirts for $25. Money raised from t-shirt sales is put towards the women and children's charity Labels for Love.5Picture by Emma LansworthA crowd gathers outside Urban Outfitters early in the evening as they step off the Circulator.6Picture by Emma LansworthTaking a break from the busy sidewalks of Georgetown, shoppers take a free rickshaw ride, which were given with the receipt from a participating store. 7Picture by Molly EllisonA professional hip-hop dancer performs in a display window at the popular M Street vintage boutique, Annie Creamcheese. Many other retailers used similar techniques, such as placing models in and around the store, to lure shoppers.8Picture by Molly EllisonA popular feature of Fashion's Night Out are the sales, like at Annie Creamcheese. 9Picture by Molly EllisonCars pack the busy shopping area at the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. 10Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of the famous acrobatic show, Cirque du Soleil, teach a dance to patrons at the Vitamin Water Zero party at Dean and Deluca. The troupe is in town to perform their newest show, Ovo. 11Picture by Molly EllisonMany stores, such as vintage clothing store Annie Creamcheese, have live models in their shop windows to help promote their business.12Picture by Emma LansworthO Salon holds a special event during which patrons can get free hair consultations and pose on the salon's red carpet.13Picture by Emma Lansworth A poster advertises Fashion's Night Out in Georgetown, a late night shopping event held on Sept. 10.14Picture by Emma Lansworth

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