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Friday, August 17, 2018 1:34 pm

Kenge Kenge

The Kenyan music group Kenge Kenge gave a special performance to Blazers Friday, September 17, in the Blair auditorium. The group showcased its traditional Kenyan sound and skilled dances, much to the delight of Blazers who were able to participate.

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Members of Kenge Kenge dance on stage.

Members of Kenge Kenge dance on stage.1Picture by Colin WiencekThree of Kenge Kenge's members wear traditional Luo costumes as they dance to the band's first song.2Picture by Emma LansworthKenge Kenge's talented asili flute player skips across the stage as dancers perform around him. The asili flute is an instrument traditional to the Benga music that Kenge Kenge performs.3Picture by Emma LansworthBlazers excitedly applaud Kenge Kenge after their first song. Kenge Kenge invited Blazers to participate in the music by clapping along, dancing, and coming up on the stage with them.4Picture by Emma LansworthMembers of Kenge Kenge play the nyatiti and orutu, instruments essential to the Benga style of music Kenge Kenge plays.5Picture by Emma LansworthKenge Kenge's lead singer is accompanied by percussionists playing Kenyan drums.6Picture by Emma LansworthKenge Kenge's orutu player plays while the band performs "Obama for Change," the song they wrote during the 2008 presidential campaign in support of president Obama.7Picture by Emma LansworthBlazers stand onstage with Kenge Kenge as the lead singer invites more students onto the stage.8Picture by Emma LansworthBlazers dance onstage with Kenge Kenge at the end of their performance. Blazers were able to participate throughout the performance, especially during the last song.9Picture by Emma LansworthIn addition to regional instruments, Kenge Kenge presents many local costumes.10Picture by Colin WiencekA variety of regional instruments are used in the performance.11Picture by Colin WiencekA member of the band beckons Blazers onto stage to join in the dancing.12Picture by Colin WiencekKenge Kenge calls on Blazers to dance with them on stage.13Picture by Colin WiencekSenior Billy Griffis joins members of Kenge Kenge on stage for a exuberant dance.14Picture by Colin Wiencek15Picture by Colin WiencekThe rhythmic music used a variety of regional, handmade drums called Bul drums.16Picture by Colin WiencekThe band's name literally means a fusion of small, exhilarating instruments.17Picture by Colin WiencekThe bands announcer rallies support from students for the performance. 18Picture by Colin Wiencek

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  • Audrey Yatdon (View Email) on October 24, 2010 at 1:25 PM
    Hey, the student on picture 14 isn't Billy Griffis. His name is Fridien Nana and he is Sophomore.
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