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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 12:39 pm

Blair Hair

Students at Blair all have something that makes them unique and stand out amongst their nearly 3000 classmates. One of these things, is their hair. Whether they style it uniquely, dye it interesting colors, or just wear it au naturel, students are able to make a statement that expresses their individuality.

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Sophomore Ismail Lapp-Kamara completes his look with a cool hat.

Sophomore Ismail Lapp-Kamara completes his look with a cool hat. 1Picture by Molly EllisonSenior Clara Kelly's short hair is dyed blonde from her original color, red, and Junior Lena Myerson's hair is dyed a blonde similar to Kelly's, even though she is naturally a brunette. 2Picture by Molly EllisonSophomore Sabine Lipten styles her hair straight with long bangs sweeping across, a simple but interesting look. 3Picture by Molly EllisonFreshman Liam Johnstone makes a statement with his short hair dyed fiery red. 4Picture by Molly EllisonSophomore Eden Wondimu's long, straight hair is uniquely dyed: turning from dark brown to golden brown around her shoulders. 5Picture by Molly EllisonJunior Israel Dempsey constantly changes her hair color and style, going from short to long or brown to blonde. Dempsey recently dyed the tips of her short, curly hair from blonde to bright red. 6Picture by Molly EllisonTaking a more subtle approach, Senior Whitney Del Rosario styles her shoulder length hair into perfect curls and gives her color a reddish tint. 7Both Senior Angel Canales, left, and Senior Nathan Ipanang, right, prefer to wear their hair styled and spiked straight up. Ipanang claims it only takes him four or five minutes in the morning to style, while Canales prefers not to say. 8Picture by Molly Ellison

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