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Monday, July 23, 2018 1:44 pm

When the Bell Rings

After the bell rings at 2:10 and again at 3:00 to signal the end of a Blazer's school day, Blair transforms from resembling a bustling metropolis to a quiet, empty building as students leave after the bells ring.

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Students pour out of their classrooms to meet with each other on Blair Boulevard after the 2:10 bell rings.

Students pour out of their classrooms to meet with each other on Blair Boulevard after the 2:10 bell rings.1Picture by Emma LansworthStudents sign in to the Blair Sports Academy, an after school program where students can play sports, study and learn job skills, among other things.2Picture by Emma LansworthThe movie Avatar; The Last Airbender plays on a projection screen in the SAC at the Blair Sports Academy.3Picture by Emma LansworthBlazer athletes often visit the weight room after school. 4Picture by Emma LansworthBlazers get a head start on their homework after school using the computers in the media center.5Picture by Emma LansworthStudents flock to get on magnet buses outside the SAC entrance to Blair. 6Picture by Emma LansworthStudents pour out of the SAC doors to get on buses home.7Picture by Emma LansworthThree students practice a dance to a song playing from a boom box in the Renaissance hallway.8Picture by Emma LansworthBlazers wait to cross Colesville Road to get to the Ride-On/Metrobus stops along Colesville Road and University Boulevard.9Picture by Emma LansworthThe Colesville Road crosswalk, originally bustling with students crossing from Blair on their way home, is almost deserted only 15 minutes after the 3:00 bell has rung.10Picture by Emma Lansworth

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