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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 5:30 pm

Historically Black College & University College Fair

Montgomery Blair hosted the county's HBCU fair where students could learn about 50 historically black universities and talk with college representatives and college graduates.

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Blair hosted the Historically Black College & University Fair Wednesday, February 16 at 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Blair hosted the Historically Black College & University Fair Wednesday, February 16 at 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.1Picture by Lorena KowalewskiStudents from all over the county were invited to learn about colleges. There were entrances at the Colesville Road and University Boulevard side of the building where students and parents could sign-in.2Picture by Lorena KowalewskiUpon sign-in students were given packets about all the colleges at the fair.3Picture by Lorena KowalewskiA representative from Clark-Atlanta University talks with an interested student.4Picture by Lorena KowalewskiSchools gave away take-away gifts that ranged from flyers to beads. Xavier University had beads to give away to interested students.5Picture by Lorena KowalewskiSavannah State University gave away stick-on tattoos as well as key chains.6Picture by Lorena KowalewskiSchools had numerous different forms of presentations. This table featured a tri-fold board while other had posters and brochures. 7Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe halls of Blair were covered in college souvenirs. 8Picture by Lorena KowalewskiA video played throughout the night featuring sights from the school, bringing the college feel closer to home.9Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe Coast Guard and the Army had recruiters to talk to students interested in enlisting. 10Picture by Lorena KowalewskiStudents were allowed to sign up for on-the-spot interviews with certain colleges.11Picture by Lorena KowalewskiBefore students went into their interview they waited in the counseling office.12Picture by Lorena KowalewskiAfter interviewing people exited through the Career Center. Students rated their experience and told whether or not they were accepted into any colleges.13Picture by Lorena KowalewskiGirl's basketball was selling food at the fair to raise money for the team.14Picture by Lorena Kowalewski

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