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Monday, July 16, 2018 4:11 pm

Guys & Dolls

Every spring, Blair's theatre department puts on an exciting musical production and this year is no exception with the Broadway classic, Guys & Dolls. Starring seniors Katerina Klavon, Elizabeth Spilsbury, and Billy Griffis, along with freshman Langston Cotman, the show takes the audience through the exciting nightlife and romance of the streets of New York all the way to Havana, Cuba.

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Female cast members do hair and make-up before the show.

Female cast members do hair and make-up before the show. 1Picture by Molly EllisonBlair's pit orchestra warms up before performing a piece of music from the show.2Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of Blair's stage crew practice pulling up the curtains during a run-through of the show.3Picture by Molly EllisonExtra costumes hang in a dressing room backstage and include everything from modest dresses to sequined show stoppers.4Picture by Molly EllisonCast members sneak through a backstage underpass, which connects the two sides of the stage so actors can enter and exit from either side without disturbing anyone. 5Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of the ensemble perform in-sync during the overture. 6Picture by Molly EllisonSergeant Sarah Brown, played by senior Katerina Klavon, leads the Save-A-Soul Mission group in recruiting sinners amidst the busy streets of New York. 7Picture by Molly EllisonSky Masterson, right, played by freshman Langston Cotman, attempts to woo Sergeant Sarah Brown in order to beat Nathan Detroit in a bet. 8Picture by Molly EllisonSenior Tyler Fultz and Junior Audrey Tchoukoua play Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet, both friends of Nathan Detroit. 9Picture by Molly EllisonSenior Bill Griffis plays Nathan Detroit, the head of a gambling fraternity, and his longtime girlfriend Miss Adelaide, a dancer at the Hot Box club, discuss the state of their relationship in Act I of the show. 10Picture by Molly EllisonThe Hot Box nightclub's emcee, played by senior Alec Wurzbacher, introduces a dance act.11Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of the ensemble end a big dance number with a dramatic pose. 12Picture by Molly EllisonSenior Clara Kelly, a member of the shows ensemble, leaps through the aid during a dance number. 13Picture by Molly Ellison

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