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Sunday, July 15, 2018 4:50 pm

Cherry Blossom Festival

In 1912, 3,000 cherry blossom trees were sent to the United States as a gift from Japan to represent the strong alliance between the two nations. Ever since then the trees bloom into light pink flowers and thousands of tourists flood DC to get a glimpse of the nearly 4,000 trees around the Tidal Basin. In addition to just the trees, there are also parades, festivals, and other events celebrating the blossoming of the historic trees.

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Fallen petals lay near the edge of the water.

Fallen petals lay near the edge of the water.1Picture by Colin WiencekPetals sit in a cavity of a tree.2Picture by Colin WiencekCherry blossoms bloom in several colors including pink and white.3Picture by Colin WiencekA large cherry blossom branch hangs over the water.4Picture by Colin WiencekWhite flowers hang off a tree.5Picture by Colin WiencekThis park bench sits facing a fence erected to seperate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial from the rest of the tidal bason.6Picture by Colin WiencekA narled tree sits near the edge of the water.7Picture by Colin WiencekA model of the infamous beaver that once terrified the trees sits telling people to be decent citizens.8Picture by Colin WiencekGiant balloons resembling Japanese lanterns float down the parade route. 9Picture by Molly EllisonAtticus Shaffer from the ABC show, The Middle, waves to patrons. Shaffer was the Grand Marshall for this year's parade. 10Picture by Molly EllisonTuba players in the United States Marine Corps marching band play a patriotic song. The band was one of the many military groups to take part in the festivities. 11Picture by Molly EllisonPerformers with the Okinawa America Ryukyu Culture Association, dressed in an intricate dragon costume, take a break from the parade. 12Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of the drum and perform a Japanese dance in traditional clothing. 13Picture by Molly EllisonMembers of the National Park Service's Cherry Tree Maintenance Team wave to the crowd along with their mascot, a beaver. 14Picture by Molly EllisonThis year's Cherry Blossom Queen's were some of the many beauty queen's to be featured in the parade. 15Picture by Molly EllisonDrummers from Tamagawa University accompany their school's dancers. 16Picture by Molly EllisonOne of the vendors was dedicated to selling merchandise from the National Cherry Blossom festival.17Picture by Lorena Kowalewski

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