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Sunday, July 15, 2018 8:52 pm

Greek Festival

St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Bethesda puts on an annual Greek culture festival, lasting for several days. Food, music, and a vast Greek marketplace are all found at the festival.

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Festival patrons wait in line to purchase loukoumades, a Greek fried pastry.

Festival patrons wait in line to purchase loukoumades, a Greek fried pastry.1Picture by Emma LansworthA man fries loukoumades to serve to patrons of the festival.2Picture by Emma LansworthAt another food tent, freshly made Greek cuisine is covered to protect it from the wind.3Picture by Emma LansworthStavros Blicas plays guitar for his band Zephyros, which plays traditional Greek music.4Picture by Emma LansworthMembers of the Parathosi Dance Troupe dance to traditional Greek music.5Picture by Emma LansworthBooks about Greece or by Greek authors were just some of the many items sold at this booth.6Picture by Emma LansworthThis booth was selling gourmet Greek groceries, selling everything from handmade pasta to homemade jam.7Picture by Emma LansworthThese are just some of the hundreds of pieces of jewelry sold at the festival.8Picture by Emma LansworthJewelry from the European company Bijuland was sold at the festival.9Picture by Emma Lansworth

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