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Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:23 am

Wings of Fancy

From April to September of each year, Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland, hosts the Wings of Fancy butterfly exhibit. Species from all over the globe are featured and visitors can admire them in a large greenhouse tucked away in the parks intricate gardens.

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A member of the Buckeye Butterfly species perches on a leaf.

A member of the Buckeye Butterfly species perches on a leaf. 1Picture by Molly EllisonA smaller Atala butterfly sits on a leaf.2Picture by Molly EllisonAn aerial view of a Lemon Pansy butterfly gives a unique view of its owl-esque wings. 3Picture by Molly EllisonA female member of the Great Mormon species sits delicately on the windowsill of the greenhouse. 4Picture by Molly EllisonButterfly's eat various fruits set out on a plate for them. 5Picture by Molly EllisonLarge Atlas Moths perch on the side of a tree. 6Picture by Molly EllisonA butterfly rests on the edge of leaf, preparing to take flight. 7Picture by Molly EllisonA male Great Mormon butterfly flutters through the flowers of the greenhouse. 8Picture by Molly EllisonA Monarch butterfly and a Queen butterfly fly harmoniously. 9Picture by Molly EllisonThe greenhouse where the butterfly's are held sits tucked away in the vast Brookside Gardens of Wheaton. 10Picture by Molly Ellison

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