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Monday, August 20, 2018 4:19 pm

Independence Day on the National Mall 2011

The annual Independence Day fireworks show on the National Mall had just as big a turnout as ever. Thousands of people showed up to watch the fireworks with friends and family.

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Spectators walk from Metro Center to the National Mall to watch the fireworks.

Spectators walk from Metro Center to the National Mall to watch the fireworks.1Picture by Emma LansworthAmerican flags were hung on lamp posts all around D.C. to celebrate Independence Day.2Picture by Emma LansworthSouvenir stands lined the streets surrounding the Mall, selling various items for attendees to show their spirit.3Picture by Emma LansworthD.C. police cars blocked off Pennsylvania Avenue so fireworks attendees could cross the street to get to the Washington Monument.4Picture by Emma LansworthPeople showcased their American spirit in different ways, such as this man with patriotic balloons.5Picture by Emma LansworthThe National Mall was crowded with people trying to catch a view of the fireworks near the Washington Monument.6Picture by Emma LansworthOne man even dressed as a patriot, clearly inspired by the American Revolution.7Picture by Emma LansworthOne of the first fireworks of the night bursts over the National Mall.8Picture by Emma LansworthA red firework lights up the sky over the Mall.9Picture by Emma LansworthThe lack of a breeze to blow smoke from previous fireworks away made it difficult to see fireworks that launched further into the show.10Picture by Emma LansworthA white firework showers sparks in the sky over the Mall.11Picture by Emma LansworthD.C. police kept blocking the streets after the fireworks were over, both to prevent traffic from hitting pedestrians and to help people find their way back to Metro stations after show.12Picture by Emma Lansworth

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