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Friday, July 20, 2018 6:48 am

Smithsonian National Zoo

The National Zoo is one of the most wacky and wonderful places to spend a summer day in D.C. The animals range from emus to elephants, with plenty of fun activities and ice cream stands along the way.

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Two zoo-goers enjoys the scenery next to a lively mural.

Two zoo-goers enjoys the scenery next to a lively mural.1Picture by Isabel HendrixA preoccupied prehensile tailed porcupine faces the wall of his enclosure, ignoring the hubbub around him.2Picture by Isabel HendrixA large emu attempts to gnaw apart the walls of its enclosure. 3Picture by Isabel HendrixAn empty but brilliantly painted enclosure reflects on passers-by. 4Picture by Isabel HendrixBamboo hangs over the edges of the path leading to the pandas. 5Picture by Isabel HendrixA painted dino looks down on the entrance of the reptile house.6Picture by Isabel HendrixCan you find the anteater in this picture?7Picture by Isabel HendrixAn aldabra tortoise gambols around the yard of the reptile building.8Picture by Isabel HendrixA shrewd lizard peers at something off in the distance. 9Picture by Isabel HendrixThese lion-like small primates pass some time on a branch.10Picture by Isabel HendrixFamilies gather round an lighted enclosure in the small mammal house.11Picture by Isabel HendrixSeveral zebras, ignoring the cheetah trying to hunt them from behind their fence, graze peacefully. 12Picture by Isabel HendrixA twiggy elephant statue blows raspberries at passerby.13Picture by Isabel HendrixAn alligator leers at onlookers from the back of her enclosure.14Picture by Isabel HendrixScaffolding on the construction site of the new elephant enclosure sets a sharp contrast against the summer sky.15Picture by Isabel Hendrix

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