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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 7:19 pm

Music & More in Silver Spring

The new Veteran's Plaza in Downtown Silver Spring was the site of an ice rink in the winter, countless teens in the summer, and now music in the fall. A free Music & More event is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening, as well as Sunday afternoons. The band Dimensions of Blues gave such a performance to a mellow crowd on September 29th.

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The neon facade of the Majestic Theater twinkles from across the street.

The neon facade of the Majestic Theater twinkles from across the street.1Picture by Isabel HendrixThe blues band gave a lively rendition under the new, colorfully lighted overhang in Veteran's Plaza.2Picture by Isabel HendrixBusy shoppers pass by as a couple enjoys the event below.3Picture by Isabel HendrixThe band blends two guitars and a harmonica along with other instruments for a complicated melody4Picture by Isabel HendrixPeople sit at tables and enjoy the warm breeze in Veteran's Plaza.5Picture by Isabel HendrixThe scene is lit with light and music, as seen from above.6Picture by Isabel HendrixThe roof over the plaza is illuminated with every color by hidden lights as the sun goes down.7Picture by Isabel HendrixA trio of laughing kids run by, trying to sprint faster than their mother.8Picture by Isabel Hendrix

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