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Monday, July 23, 2018 11:17 am

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in D.C. offers a less expensive and closer alternative to its counterpart in Baltimore. The small but well-kept aquarium is located under the Department of Commerce, very close to the Washington Monument and just a metro ride away from Blair. It includes fish of all kinds, exotic anemones, shark feedings, snakes, amphibians, jellyfish, sea turtles, a rare albino alligator, and more.

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Hundreds of tiny pink anemones cling to a metal pole in their enclosure.

Hundreds of tiny pink anemones cling to a metal pole in their enclosure.1Picture by Isabel HendrixA snowflake moray eel opens and closes its mouth slowly in the dark water.2Picture by Isabel HendrixA tropical frog sits on top of a tree boa in a tropical enclosure.3Picture by Isabel HendrixA clear jellyfish with pink fringe floats in its small tank.4Picture by Isabel HendrixA large fish laps at the top of his tank to the delight and horror of small children gathered round. 5Picture by Isabel HendrixA brilliant magenta sea urchin resides in the corner of a tank. 6Picture by Isabel HendrixThe aquarium includes all kind of aquatic life, including this bright yellow anemone.7Picture by Isabel HendrixA large white fish lies sadly at the bottom of his tank.8Picture by Isabel HendrixA colorful angelfish streaks through the water. 9Picture by Isabel HendrixA purple starfish lies on a rock under some ambient lighting.10Picture by Isabel HendrixThis rare albino alligator is one of only 44 known to be living in the world. It will be at the National Aquarium until February. 11Picture by Isabel HendrixA colorful eel slides under a piece of driftwood. 12Picture by Isabel HendrixA newt floats just below the surface of leaf-speckled water. 13Picture by Isabel HendrixTwo pale jellyfish twist around each other. 14Picture by Isabel HendrixOnly the eye of a sneaky salamander is visible in his small tank.15Picture by Isabel HendrixA bright blue tank of coral and fish glows in the dark of the aquarium, where lets are kept low to keep the exhibits brightly attractive. 16Picture by Isabel HendrixFish float over the painted and twisted metal of a fake shipwreck on the floor of a tank.17Picture by Isabel Hendrix

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