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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:12 am

Wacky Tacky Day-Spirit Week

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Nine Blazer girls show off their school spirit by dressing in funky florals and winter accessories.

Nine Blazer girls show off their school spirit by dressing in funky florals and winter accessories.1Picture by Angela CummingsFive sophomore friends contrast stripes and plaid.2Picture by Angela CummingsJunior Brandon John-Freso is proud of his bright red suit.3Picture by Angela CummingsSophomore Carlos Mesa clashes bright yellow, orange and red.4Picture by Angela CummingsSenior Cornell Dyson, juniors Mathew Bumbray, Peter Cadet and sophomore Timesha Bamey strut their style.5Picture by Diana FreyPsychology teacher Ms. Jessell puts on a masterful disguise, complete with a blonde wig, for Wacky Tacky Day. 6Picture by Angela CummingsSenior Michael Benfield proudly shows off his wacky-tacky style.7Picture by Diana FreySenior JoAnne Rogers goes beyond tacky for Wacky Tacky day.8Picture by Diana FreyEnglish teacher Valerie Josenhans didn't follow the typical teacher dress code on Wacky Tacky day.9Picture by Diana FreySophomore Jacob Weisman and junior Dennis Thomas enthusiasticly participate in Wacky Tacky Day.10Picture by Diana FreyJuniors Shaquasia Gaynor, Richard Pollack, Dennis Thomas and sophomore Ashley Charles are not ashamed to dress tacky.11Picture by Diana FreySenior Dawnia Richards starts her own style of wearing plastic bags over her shoes, a little too tacky even for Wacky Tacky Day.12Picture by Diana FreySeniors Raina McCray, Charlene Carden, Tiffany Watkins and Dawnia Richards show off their bright colors for Wacky Tacky Day. 13Picture by Diana Frey
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