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Friday, July 20, 2018 12:41 am

Annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

During the week of August 13th, Montgomery County residents celebrated the end of a hot summer at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds in Gaithersburg. With over forty rides, endless food, and 4-H animal demonstrations, fair goers found something fun to do well into the night. These photos were taken on the evening of August 16th.

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The fair lights up the night from a distance, given attendees a taste of what it has to offer.

The fair lights up the night from a distance, given attendees a taste of what it has to offer.1Picture by Danny RosenbergA brightly colored sign advertises funnel cakes and lemonade, just a small sampling of the many food stands around the midway.2Picture by Danny RosenbergTwo employees chat in front of a popular game.3Picture by Danny RosenbergRiders wait eagerly for their ride to start.4Picture by Danny RosenbergPeople are drawn to pet and feed a sheep with five legs as signs advertise other oddities inside.5Picture by Danny RosenbergA police officer stands guard in front of Samson, the world’s biggest horse.6Picture by Danny RosenbergColorful rides like this one spin, twirl, and fly fair-goers through the humid August night.7Picture by Danny RosenbergA girl prepares to pop a balloon in an attempt to win one of the popular stuffed animal prizes. 8Picture by Danny RosenbergA pile of darts tempts potential game players as they walk by the booth.9Picture by Danny RosenbergPeople are spun through the air on this swing ride, as music blasts in the background.10Picture by Danny RosenbergAs the swings lift higher, riders begin spinning faster and faster.11Picture by Danny RosenbergLarge stuffed animals mark the winners of the more challenging games.12Picture by Danny RosenbergSigns advertise the price of a game.13Picture by Danny RosenbergA woman takes a break to check her phone.14Picture by Danny RosenbergThe bright artificial lights of rides and signs make the entire experience feel dream like.15Picture by Danny RosenbergHundreds of empty soda bottles line the table as people throw ring after ring.16Picture by Danny RosenbergA chain link fence surrounds the fair grounds to prevent people from sneaking in.17Picture by Danny Rosenberg

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