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Monday, August 20, 2018 4:19 pm

Artwork Around Takoma Park

Takoma Park, known for its hippie-esque cultural spirit, has been decorated throughout the years with murals, paintings and sculptures. The following are just a few of the decorations that give Takoma Park its colorful reputation.

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Also in the Takoma Juntion area, is the local co-op that takes pride in selling locally grown food.

Also in the Takoma Juntion area, is the local co-op that takes pride in selling locally grown food.1Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksThe Takoma Auto Clinic has been around since 1988, and its paint job has lasted just as long.2Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksEven the sidewalks are decorated at this house's driveway.3Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksAbove drab air conditioning units of a bakery there are more beautiful paintings.4Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksA two-story brick wall is painted to resemble a real house in Old Town.5Picture by Callahan Mayer-Marks A giant fish structure made of wire, lids, cans and bottle tops awaits to be showcased in the annual 4th of July parade.6Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksSomeone took the initiative of decorating a street post with paint and milk lids.7Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksA resident carved his tree into a dragon.8Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksHe also carved another tree into two koi fish.9Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksThe mural on the side of the Takoma Park Library was made by local artists with help from dozens of members of the community.10Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksThe mural of an old railroad scene can be found in the Takoma Junction.11Picture by Callahan Mayer-MarksThis painting is located in the Takoma Juntion, where people are invited to hang out and listen to local musicians. 12Picture by Callahan Mayer-Marks

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