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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 3:11 am

School Colors Day-Spirit Day

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Senior Alex Brown goes all out to show his senior spirit.

Senior Alex Brown goes all out to show his senior spirit.1Picture by Diana FreyThe poms perform during the pep rally.2Picture by Diana FreySeniors have spirit on school color day.3Picture by Diana FreySophomores Miriam Ragen, Katie Scott, Julia Mazerov and Sumin Chi show dress represent 08 wearing their class shirts.4Picture by Diana FreySenior Jhonny Cruz rocks his fresh new senior shirt.5Picture by Diana FreyHow do you define a junior?6Picture by Diana FreySenior Dana Swarth sports all of the essential Blazer spirit items: devil horns, a Blair t-shirt, painted nails, and a pom-pom wig.7Picture by Elena PinskyJunior Erica Irving completes her spirited outfit with red and white Christmas lights for her backpack.8Picture by Elena PinskySeniors Kaliza Lee and Sabine Jeanty get excited on school colors day.9Picture by Diana FreyThe poms perform eye-catching skits at the Pep Rally.10Picture by Diana Frey
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