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Friday, June 22, 2018 8:42 pm

Chemathon at Maryland Day

On April 26, six students from MBHS participated in the UMD Chemathon competition held at Maryland Day. The competition consisted of 8 separate events, 4 lab and 4 non-lab. The team placed first in Chemistery, second in Electroplating, and fifth in both the Iodine Clock and Bleach Titration labs. Overall, the team came in 3rd place out of 20 teams. In addition to Chemathon, Maryland day featured other events, including a group of drummers that attempted to set the record for the largest drum circle ever.

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Senior Grant Tipton and science teacher Megan Hart review material necessary for the Chemathon competition.

Senior Grant Tipton and science teacher Megan Hart review material necessary for the Chemathon competition.1Picture by Connor SmithAs part of the competition, each team prepared an informational poster on the chemistry of a precious gem. These posters were hung on easels before being judged. Blair's poster was on Alexandrite. 2Picture by Connor Smith(From left to right) Andreas Robertson, Connor Smith, Sam Bolgiano, David Pilsk, Noah Elkind, and Grant Tipton pose for a photo before the competition. Their T-Shirts were designed by Michelle Tu. The molecule on the shirt is Thalidomide. 3Picture by Connor SmithTeam members examine data concerning one of their labs before heading out to competition.4Picture by Connor SmithThe students participating in the competition had to bring various items to the competition themselves. Included in the box are googles, funnels, copper electrodes, and solutions of Copper Sulfate, Starch, and Potassium Iodate.5Picture by Connor SmithSeniors Grant Tipton and Sam Bolgiano review their data after completing the electroplating lab. Blair came in 2nd place in this lab.6Picture by Connor SmithSenior Noah Elkind and Junior Andreas Robertson tell their team members how their events went. The team had to split up in order to accomplish all of the events.7Picture by Connor SmithA toddler smiles after netting plastic turtles in the fountain on McKeldin mall. 8Picture by Connor SmithMontgomery Blair placed third overall in the Chemathon competition.9Picture by Connor SmithMany people came out to Byrd Stadium to attempt to break the World Record for most people in a drumming circle during Maryland Day.10Picture by Connor SmithHistory teacher James Mogge poses with his drum after the drumming circle wrapped up.11Picture by Connor Smith

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