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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 12:00 am

PuzzlePalooza 2104

Puzzlepalooza 2014: The Year of the Armadillo. Spanning the four days of High School Assessments (HSAs) at Blair, the fifth annual Puzzlepalooza brought together more than 320 Blair juniors and seniors into 19 teams to so solve various puzzles, in the hopes of winning HUGE prizes! Incidentally, Puzzlepalooza holds the record for the biggest high school puzzling competition in America (well it's the only high school puzzle competition that shows up on Google at least).

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PuzzlePalooza contestants received a myriad of seemingly random supplies to help them solve their puzzles.

PuzzlePalooza contestants received a myriad of seemingly random supplies to help them solve their puzzles.1Picture by Connor SmithStudents wait to enter the Auditorium to watch the Final Ceremony, where the winners of PuzzlePalooza are announced by "Puzzle Lord" Mr. Stein.2Picture by Connor SmithPuzzlePalooza's theme this year was the World Cup, and thus, for the final puzzle, teams had to assemble a soccer ball by following clues on the pieces of the ball. The puzzle would ultimately tell them to shout "GOAL!"3Picture by Connor SmithThe winners of this year's PuzzlePalooza (the team to solve the final puzzle first) was Budapesto. Here the team celebrates their victory.4Picture by Connor SmithAt the awards ceremony, "Puzzle Lord" Mr. Stein laughs at one of his own jokes before explaining how contestants should have solved all of the puzzles (For those teams that did not solve them all).5Picture by Connor SmithThe winners of the PuzzlePalooza 2014 Iron Puzzler award flaunt their leftover cash. The Iron Puzzler award goes to the team that solved the most puzzles using the least amount of "Puzzle Bucks," which are used to buy hints to the puzzles.6Picture by Connor SmithJunior Peter Ho dances in front of his teammates at the Awards Ceremony.7Picture by Connor SmithTeam Vatican City sprays "holy water" onto their competition as they walk up to the stage during the Awards Ceremony.8Picture by Connor SmithThe Group of Death parades up to the stage, carrying Senior Brian Oluwo as if in a coffin. The team won best team name, as the "Group of Death" is the name for the most competitive section of the World Cup bracket.9Picture by Connor SmithThe "Repuzzlic of Czech-yo-self-akia" performs after winning the Best Team Motto award, which was "Befo' you wreck yo-self-akia".10Picture by Connor SmithThe flag that won the Best Flag competition. Pistache Qre.11Picture by Connor SmithThe winners of the highly coveted spirit award perform onstage.12Picture by Connor SmithThe winners of the spirit award (Princess Genovia) won a massive, 6-foot soccer ball, which they launched into the crowd of the auditorium.13Picture by Connor Smith

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