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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 3:03 am

Senior Unity Day 2014

Seniors once again had a reunion at Smokey Glen Farm for a day of sports, food, and friends.

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New for 2014, students were able to take a ride on the zipline.

New for 2014, students were able to take a ride on the zipline.1Picture by Connor SmithA worker tends the grill at Senior Unity Day.2Picture by Connor SmithCaptain of the frisbee team Jacob Popper tosses a frisbee.3Picture by Connor SmithSeniors Molly Beckett and Ravyn Malatesta pose for the camera.4Picture by Connor SmithVolleyball was one of the many activities offered at Senior Unity Day5Picture by Connor SmithStudents and teachers go down the table, grabbing hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips.6Picture by Connor SmithDylan Ahunhodjaev exerts a full body effort to prevent the hoop from falling down.7Picture by Connor SmithMiniature golf clubs were ready for students to play with.8Picture by Connor SmithMax Kronstadt and Javier Raxcaco watch as their friend takes a swing.9Picture by Connor SmithMax Salzman waits for Sam Popper to step out of the way before taking his stroke.10Picture by Connor SmithJack Murphy launches a shot towards the basket.11Picture by Connor SmithThe master of ceremonies holds a limbo-bar as a senior bends to get under it.12Picture by Connor SmithA group of seniors dance to the song "Cotton Eye Joe"13Picture by Connor Smith

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