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Thursday, August 16, 2018 11:57 pm

Justice for All March DC

On December 13th, the Justice for All March against police brutality was held in the nation's capital. The march drew thousands from across the US, and was marked by notable speakers including event organizer, Rev. Al Sharpton

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A man dressed in an orange prison uniform drags a banner reading, "Fight Hate With Love"

A man dressed in an orange prison uniform drags a banner reading, "Fight Hate With Love"1Picture by Donald De AlwisBuses from across the nation brought people into DC for the march.2Picture by Donald De AlwisProtesters marched from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol.​3Picture by Donald De Alwis National Nurses United handed out picket signs reading, "Racism is a Deadly Disease. Heal America".​4Picture by Donald De AlwisProtesters toted banners and thought-provoking signs throughout the march.​5Picture by Donald De AlwisThe mother of Amadou Diallo and family members of the deceased spoke to the crowd, accompanied by Reverend "Al" Sharpton. Congressman Al Green (D-Texas) also made an appearance. ​6Picture by Donald De AlwisIn an emotional call for unity, strangers clasped hands to symbolize the united front against police brutality. ​7Howard University Student Association president Leighton Watson, organizer of the viral HUSA "Hands Up Don't Shoot" picture, advocated student involvement in key issues like police brutality.​8Picture by Donald De AlwisAfter the initial march, protesters from Ferguson and DC led an unsanctioned march through unblocked streets throughout DC.​9Picture by Donald De AlwisProtesters block traffic in DC streets.​10Picture by Donald De AlwisThe group led by DC/Ferguson protesters interrupted a concert in front of the National Portrait Gallery, eliciting a brief altercation with the police. ​11Picture by Donald De AlwisDC/Ferguson protesters blocked a four-way intersection to hold a die-in for four and a half minutes, representing the four and a half hours that Micheal Brown's body was left in the streets.​12Picture by Donald De AlwisA young boy leads the protest group in chanting the infamous slogan: "No Justice, No Peace".​13Picture by Donald De Alwis The march characterized the rising public animosity towards police brutality, and was one of many organized during recent months.​14Picture by Donald De Alwis

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