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Sunday, July 22, 2018 4:21 am

Magnet Arts Night 2015

The Magnet program held their annual Magnet Arts Night on Friday, January 30th. While most of the performing students are in the Magnet, some students in CAP as well as the academies performed as well.

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Dominic Chow blocks a choreographed attack from Amy Li during their Wushu performance.

Dominic Chow blocks a choreographed attack from Amy Li during their Wushu performance.1Picture by Connor SmithDominic Chow poses in the middle of a Wushu routine.2Picture by Connor SmithThe dancer leans backward while spinning.3Picture by Connor SmithThe dancer manipulates her dress.4Picture by Connor SmithPuriwat Lahpong sings the Pokemon Theme Song while holding a pokeball.5Picture by Connor SmithSenior Peter Thuronyi plays the Pokemon Theme song on guitar.6Picture by Connor SmithPeter Thuronyi rapidly moves his hands across the strings of the guitar.7Picture by Connor SmithSenior Ben Holland plays a ninth grader while singing in the senior act.8Picture by Connor SmithUrjita Das performs a synchronized dance.9Picture by Connor SmithSenior Ishaan Parikh snaps his head to the left while dancing.10Picture by Connor SmithSenior and CAP student Brianna Kitts performing.11Picture by Connor SmithSenior Brian Ko signals the end of the song for the orchestra.12Picture by Connor SmithSenior Mer Caprioglio performs "All the Wasted Time" by Parade.13Picture by Connor SmithSenior Megan Houlihan plays a duet with Brian Ko (not pictured).14Picture by Connor SmithJunior Amy Li poses with her sword.15Picture by Connor Smith

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