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Sunday, June 24, 2018 8:50 am

Battle of the Boulevard 2015

On September 8, 2015, Blair's varsity football team took on the Northwood Gladiators for the first game of the season, the long-anticipated Battle of the Boulevard. Blazers made quick work of their long-time rivals, with offense and defense working in conjunction to bring Blair a 48-3 win to start off the season.

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Blair dodges Northwood in an attempt for a touchdown.

Blair dodges Northwood in an attempt for a touchdown.1Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsThe crowd cheers for Blair.2Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsBlair struggles to save the ball. 3Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsThe cheerleaders lead the audience in a school chant. 4Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsBlazers cheer for their home team as Blair pulls ahead for a 41-3 lead. 5Picture by Donald De AlwisThe poms team performs during half-time.6Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsThe marching band puts on a Hogwarts-themed performance during half-time. 7Picture by Donald De AlwisBlair defense helps keep the ball out of reach of the Gladiators.8Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsThe cheerleaders perform stunts.9Picture by Nicholas Fechner-MillsBlair celebrates the victory over Northwood.10Picture by Nicholas Fechner-Mills

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