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Friday, July 20, 2018 12:53 am

Cultural Club Showcase

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Caribbean Club opened the Showcase assembly.

Caribbean Club opened the Showcase assembly. 1Picture by Ellie d'EustachioMiddle Eastern Dance Club bent and twisted their bodies with belly-dance moves.2Picture by Ellie d'EustachioThis Middle Eastern dancer defies gravity as she leans back3Picture by Ellie d'EustachioThe Bollywood Club's dance performances aroused the crowd in the bleachers with their beats and moves. 4Picture by Ellie d'EustachioBollywood Club dances to upbeat Indian music.5Picture by Ellie d'EustachioThe Christian Club played an inspirational pop-rock song. 6Picture by Ellie d'EustachioIn addition to cultural club performances, SGA President Eric Hysen announced the winners of the Charity Challenge. The junior class won the challenge with over $500 and the after-exams party in January.7Picture by Ellie d'EustachioSenior blazers dance to the student DJ-ed music between the two club showases.8Picture by Ellie d'Eustachio
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