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Hamlet (Ronee Goldman) grabs Ophelia (Erin Obaonrin) as he shouts at her. Morgan Casey
Hamlet (Ronee Goldman) grabs Ophelia (Erin Obaonrin) as he shouts at her.

The play's the thing

In this modern-day rendition of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, complete with selfies and sweater vests, Blair theater brings Hamlet to life. With a wonderful cast and set, the play is two-hours well-spent.

Simple set yet profound messages in "Good Kids"

The Round House Theatre Teen Performance Company produced a riveting and extremely topical performance of "Good Kids" by Naomi Iizuka for the annual Sarah Metzger Memorial Play.

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Fashion show is a "Thriller"

The polished and ultra-stylish members of Blair's Fierce Mentality contoured the Blair stage into a catwalk Friday night for their first fashion show of the year, performing various scenes reflective of the pop king's success. Through cunning choreography, impressive lighting and staging and of course fabulous fad, the group illustrated that they are a force with which to be mentally and psychically reckoned.

Pride, prejudice and perfection

In a flash of old English skirts, witty delivery and heart-warming romance, the Montgomery Blair players swept the stage with Jane Austen's timeless tale "Pride and Prejudice." Superb acting led the show, soaring on the wings of Austen's characteristic language - winding but beautiful. With convincing British accents and musical proficiency from the cast, the play embodied an unassuming quality that amplified its magnificence.

Charismatic Catholics

Ah, the boy band - that treasure of the 1990s, lost but not forgotten. We all knew them, we all loved them and virtually every '90s child has some sort of opinion on the 'NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys debate. "Altar Boyz," an off-broadway musical now playing at Bethesda Theatre, takes a look at the boy band phenomenon through the confession window.

Sensationalize the "Limits"

A musical interpretation of prejudice, sexism, identity struggle and adolescent conflict can truly blend together in a raw, poignant batch of emotion, as the performers of "City at Peace" show. The problems that plague the teens in the show could not be any more different, yet somehow these teens are able to relate to one another on multiple levels. This adaptation of authenticity clearly plays out on the stage, as the group's performance "Disguise the Limits" shows the remarkable ability of youth to organize and cooperate.

Be our guest

For every little girl who ever watched Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and promptly dragged her mother to the Disney Store in search of a yellow sparkling dress identical to that of her princess idol, reliving the beloved childhood classic on stage years later is a dream come true. Too much pressure for a high school production? Apparently not for directors Kelly O'Connor and Miriam Plotinsky who captained the Blair production of the stage adaptation of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." Opening with an attendance-office blowing sold-out show, the cast and crew gave the audience a true happily ever after.
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