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In "Dead Poets Society," Robin Williams taught his students--and the rest of us--to seize the day. Courtesy of Disney
In "Dead Poets Society," Robin Williams taught his students--and the rest of us--to seize the day.

O captain, my captain

Though they all live on in film, a part of each of Robin Williams' characters is gone, disappeared along with the beloved comedian and actor who committed suicide on August 11, 2014, allegedly for reasons related to substance abuse and mental illness.

A surrealistic outlook

In the end, visual art is just as much about the artist as it is about the creation. Two of Blair's most eccentric artists can relate to that.

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Absence (may) make the heart grow fonder

Many students find themselves asking, "Should we stay together after graduation?" It's a simple question that makes high school sweethearts ache, the days bitter but the moments sweet.

Princes (and Princesses) Charming

There are so many vloggers out there on Youtube, it can be hard to choose which one best deserves your attention as you put off studying for APs or unwind after a long day. The British Youtuber sensations sweeping the internet nation certainly doesn't help, because there are countless Youtubers with pleasant accents or quirky personalities.

How many math teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

This year, four math teachers are finishing their very first years at Blair. Two of which are Christina Martin, who teaches Pre-Calculus and Algebra 1, and Janet Marie Prouty, who teaches Honors Algebra 2.

The life of a student intern

An internship is a great way to get a hands-on experience in what you want to do in life.

Early bird catches the worm

Around 6:00 a.m., alarms within Montgomery County homes go off, commencing a daily ritual for most Blair students. However, there is a small number of students who have been wide awake long before the start of school.
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"I like to travel with teens because I like to watch them see the world for the first time" - Anne Cullen