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Saturday, November 28, 2015 4:25 am


Michael Zick uses his coaching skills in the classroom. Courtesy of Linda Krimm
Michael Zick uses his coaching skills in the classroom.

What student athletes don't know about their coaches

Some teachers have already been out of the building for hours, doing their second jobs at the school. They are the coaches of Blair's sports teams.

Combating hunger and feeding hope

We've all felt it before. The pangs of hunger as our stomachs become disgruntled from the lack of sustenance. Even worse, it can happen in the middle of class or during a test when all is quiet and suddenly, the lion that is your stomach unleashes its mighty roar.

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After September 11

The media has played a large role in influencing Islamophobic perspectives. An automatic fear has been instilled in Americans by mainstream media, which impacts the lives of Muslims every single day.

Trick or treat...or teach?

With the help of a little holiday spirit on behalf of the Blair staff, Blazers are both finishing out the quarter strong and getting excited for Halloween.

Two new counselors join Blair staff

The Blair counseling department has two new faces this year, Leanna Binick and Antia Reddicks. Both counselors look forward to getting to know the Blair community, and helping their students move forward towards whatever their goals are beyond high school.

Asociación Fulbright: programa de becas para intercambios internacionales conecta escuelas alrededor del mundo

Este año, el programa Fulbright le ha dado una oportunidad al Dr. Aniceto Sanabria de Buenos Aires, Argentina. En su visita a Blair, él espera aprender más sobre nuestro sistema educativo y la interacción que tenemos entre el personal docente y la comunidad estudiantil.

A new approach to high school sports

Don't be disheartened if you get cut from the varsity team or if you can’t run a mile in under eight minutes, because when it comes to Blair athletics, there's plenty of room for everybody.
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"I like to travel with teens because I like to watch them see the world for the first time" - Anne Cullen