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Hoping to sharpen their skills, students meet in 352 during lunch to battle each other in Super Smash Bros. Courtesy of Leo Blain
Hoping to sharpen their skills, students meet in 352 during lunch to battle each other in Super Smash Bros.

The come up of eSports

Nervous athletes pray that their hours of practice pay off, downing energy drinks before heading off to play. Devoted fans pack the arena, wearing the merchandise of their favorite teams. This is not your average Sunday night football game: this is eSports.

Stepping up the game

Sophomore Justin Haddad comes home on a Friday afternoon, packs his fencing gear, and hops on a plane to Portland for his next competition.

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The backbone of Blair

"I think sometimes students think they have to do it alone now that they’re in high school, or their friends are the only one they can go to. But there’s a reason that they have a support system, we’re always here to help," says Ms. Binnick, one of the many counselors at Blair, here to provide that extra support that everyone sometimes needs.

DMV athletes to compete in the 2018 winter Olympics

The weather is chilly, snow is falling and the Winter Olympics are back. This year they are being held in Pyeongchang County, South Korea, from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25. Sports such as bobsled, hockey and short track speed skating will be a part of this worldwide sporting event, featuring some athletes from the DMV.

Part Three: What Happens Next?

Despite the increased media scrutiny of sexual misconduct in the workplace, several groups of people have gotten woefully less coverage of their experiences. This series of investigations reveals the unique struggles that teenagers face in reporting sexual misconduct by teachers and authority figures, and the ways in which their voices were silenced.

Blazer Social Media Stars: Youtube Edition

Diane Dao bobs her head as she listens to BTS. She ponders possible dance routines in her head over and over for her next video. Meanwhile, Ayse Erbas, junior, sits on her bed and considers different challenges she could do for her next video and who to collab with.

Part Two: What Happens Next?

Blair freshman Diana’s eighth grade P.E. and health classes became a nightmare when she was continuously sexually harassed by her teacher.
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"I like to travel with teens because I like to watch them see the world for the first time" - Anne Cullen