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Restaurant Reviews

Coffee at Takoma Bev Co. Sneha Ojha
Coffee at Takoma Bev Co.

The Takoma Bev Co is anyone's cup of tea (but mostly coffee)

The Takoma Park Beverage Company (Takoma Bev Co) is a local restaurant located in Old Town Takoma Park, between a vision center and a post office. Takoma Bev Co was co-founded by Christopher Brown, a former biology teacher at Montgomery Blair High School.

Cheap Eats in Silver Spring

You're walking down the street as the pangs of hunger begin to settle in, but there are only a few meager bills in your pocket. Everyone's been there. Sometimes hunger strikes at the most inopportune time.

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A "Fractured Prune" but impeccable treats

Though the name implies otherwise, Fractured Prune is perfection. A recent addition to Downtown Silver Spring, the donut shop has a distinct flair that sets it apart from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts and other chains in the business.

The Roscoe's treasure of Takoma Park

Along the main street of Takoma Park lies a welcoming, upscale pizzeria that embodies the inviting, bubbly spirit of its community. Surrounded by animated shops and vivacious people, Roscoe's Neapolitan Pizzeria rises above ordinary pizzerias and stands out among its neighboring restaurants on Carroll Avenue.

SCOping out the best scoops

Ah, warm weather. It instills a pleasant sensation of happiness in everyone, especially students ready for the summer. It also implants a desire for cool, creamy ice cream that epitomizes the perfect summer dessert. Soon people everywhere will be searching for a respite from the summer heat, and Silver Spring has no shortage of venues for ice cream.

Burger Showdown: Revolution

Our story begins with our humble food editor visibly salivating while watching a Japanese dubbed version of "Iron Chef." He remembers that he won't be eating for another hour. He looks out the window with sad eyes and remembers that winter is coming. People are closing up their barbecue sets, the leaves are coming down in droves of red, green, yellow and brown, the air is cold and heavy snows are taking their sweet time getting to Montgomery County. He looked back at the tube eyeing a succulent burger with a look of carnal desire, remembering that a wise man once said that vegetarians taste delicious. With this revelation, he frantically begged his peers to find the best local burgers and review them for the greater good of the Blair community, if not the world.

Reliably bland Levante's

The word Mediterranean conjures up images of sunny days, a light sea breeze and complete relaxation. Named after the "Levantine" region that comprises modern day Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Israel, Levante's restaurant describes itself as a fusion of various Mediterranean cuisines on its website. But with its menu of fried appetizers and boring entrees often loaded with burdensome sauces and chunks of meat, Levante's is anything but light and airy.
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