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Monday, June 18, 2018 8:33 pm

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Blair slam poets move to their own beats

"Beautiful black women mother of the earth/A skin whoís been embraced by the sun but led by a curse." These words begin senior Andy Mbalaís poem entitled "Black Women."

On the tip of the tongue

At the age of four, junior Tranelle Dodson was sitting in her living room when her aunt collapsed from a stroke. Dodson rushed into the kitchen to warn her mother, but the words just would not come out.

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A detour to success

Our society has etched the story of the successful student: they advance through elementary, middle and high school, working hard and achieving good grades and finally standing proudly as high school graduates. Adorned with a cap and gown, diplomas in one hand and admission letters to top colleges in another, they are completely prepared to meet the future ahead. While this trajectory is common for many Blazers, it conceals the paths of who do not follow this story: the paths of Blair dropouts.

Getting the upper hand in the standardized test system

With the onset of summer, students are dreaming of lazy days by the pool and warm, homework-free nights. But standing between them and the bliss of summer vacation is a formidable obstacle to overcome: exams.

Johnson named new Blair principal

The MCPS Board of Education (BOE) confirmed Renay Johnson, the current principal of Takoma Park Middle School (TPMS), as the new Blair Principal on May 23.

Outside the lunch box

For Blazers, a lunch period is much more than just time to eat. Itís 45 minutes of nearly complete freedom; a time when students are free to do almost anything they please. It might be a time to catch up with friends, review class notes or just relax and take a break from the monotony of classes. While itís common to see students in the SAC, along Blair Boulevard or outside as the weather gets warmer, students spread all across Blair, forming pockets of culture as they pursue their activities of choice.

Witnessing devastation at home, Japanese Blazers remain strong

They watched it happen nearly 7,000 miles away. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake, accompanied by hundreds of aftershocks, brought entire buildings to the ground, flooded the land with several tons of seawater and expunged thick, dark smoke into the air. They saw an earthquake, a tsunami and nuclear plant explosions taking place in Japan and finally absorbed the heartbreaking reality: This was happening to their home.
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