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HSA incentives finalized

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Save yourself from swimming in spam

Bush addresses the nation

Tsunami realities and miracles

SAT scores delayed

Movie pirates beware

World opinion of America will drop with the reelection

Bush thanks supporters in victory speech

Seniors to attend career and college fair next week

Cheney and Edwards turn up the heat

First presidential debate kicks off with clean, solid start

The history of dirty politics

Hispanic Heritage month

The effects of Florida's hurricanes

Republican National Convention: Analysis

Using the Chips College Section

Blazers place in web design contest

Kelly Newman to study abroad for a year

Winners of the Chips writing contest

New community service award available to Blazers

Number of troops increased in Iraq

Bush speaks to America

Rice to testify before 9/11 commisson

The bold Richard Clarke

Share your Spring Break experience

New grading and reporting policy proposed

9/11 hearings shed light on the attack

Getting a head start on college

School store under new management

Oscar contest winners

Oscar competition

The Chain Invasions

Jazzing Blazers

Valentine Restaurants

Tutoring program helps prepare Blazers for mandatory tests

Seeing Through the Haze

Present ideas for the holidays

Blazers share Thanksgiving fare

Thanksgiving traditions

The values of turkey

Math students of the month

Halloween Flicks

Takoma Park's Fall Festival

All Hallows Eve is not for all


Outerwear for a Halloween scare

Kazaa trouble

Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life: Just another bad sequel

This Year's Holiday TV Guide

Seeing Through the Haze

Galleries (7) Farragut North

Pictures (79)

Junior Emma Hutchinson makes a poster in Mr. Lynch's class.
From left to right, sophmores Allison Rubin and Corianne Hernandez create a poster for the HSAs.
Sophomore Jessie Hallberlin helps advertise for the HSAs.
Sophomore Laura Cole creates a poster in Mr. Lynch's latin class in order to help advertise the rewards for students who take the HSAs.
Abrahm Gurmu's ID, issued to him during his first day at Blair.
These restuarants and stores line the street across from the entrance    to the Court House station.
History teacher George Vlasits stands with historian Alfred Goldberg, a guest speaker who spoke to 9th grade CAP students on Thursday, Feb. 17.<br><br>
Ninth grade CAP students listen intently as Historian Alfred Goldberg talks about World War II.
A hair salon near Ballston MU.<br><br>
A Hecht's department store near the Ballston MU station.<br><br>
East Falls Church Metro Station<br><br>
Metro's Dunn Loring Station<br><br>
This AMC movie therater is located at the Courthouse station
Thai food here is quick and cheap.<br><br>
A Thai restaurant near the Farragut North station.<br><br>
Rosslyn Station<br><br>
The Rosslyn Spectrum<br><br>
Visit Pacers to get ourfitted for any running sport.
Grab a quick bite to eat here before entering the GMU station.
A cheap Chinese food restaurant located across the street from the Ballston MU station.
A statue of George Washington outside the GWU station.<br><br>
Vie de France near Rosslyn station.<br><br>
Freedom Park near Rosslyn station.<br><br>
Freedom Park near Rosslyn Station.<br><br><A HREF="/gallery.php?gid=13">Click here for more pictures from Rosslyn Station.</A><br>
Virginia Square-GMU station<br><br>
The inside of the Court House Metro station.<br><br>
Clarendon Station<br>
This California Toritilla restaurants is within a block from the Court House metro station,
A Berlin Wall exhibit at the Rosslyn Station.<br><br>
Seniors Rebecca Widmayer and Katie Schlebecker read the informational packet distributed to all seniors as part of the senior motivational assembly.
Junior Perdomo, a senior, fills out an informational packet during the Senior motivational assembly.
The White House, just a short walk away from McPherson Square<br><br>
A branch of Legal Sea Foods within walking distance of Farragut North
The Renwick Gallery near McPherson Square<br><br>
McPherson Square Metro station in Washington, D.C.<br><br><A HREF="/gallery.php?gid=11">Click here for more pictures from McPherson Square.</A><br>
Firehook Bakery near Farragut West<br><br><A HREF="/gallery.php?gid=10">Click here for more pictures from Farragut West.</A><br>
Dress Barn near Farragut North<br><br>
Cosi, a sandwich shop, near McPherson Square<br><br>
Caribou Coffee near McPherson Square<br><br>
Cafe Soleil, one of the many places to eat near Farragut West<br><br>
Barami within distance of the Farragut West Metro station<br><br>
The Ronald Reagan Building, one of the many beautiful structures near Federal Triangle
Ronald Reagan International Trade Center<br><br>
Aria near Federal Triangle<br><br>
The Washington Monument is one of the many famous D.C. landmarks within walking distance of the Smithsonian Metro     station.<br><br>
Warner Theater<br><br>
The Old Post Office near the Federal Triangle Metro station<br><br>
National Theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue<br><br>
National Museum of american History<br><br>
The outside of the Federal Triangle Metro station.<br><br><A HREF="/gallery.php?gid=9">Click here for more pictures from Federal Triangle.</A><br><br>
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