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Friday, June 22, 2018 10:44 am

Isamu Bae

Page Editor
Isamu Bae (AKA Izzy) is a senior and finally put up his staff bio. He's 17 and has no idea what he's supposed to put here, so this is all some filler material. He writes, draws, reads, plays games, practices martial arts (for lack of a better description), translates and edits for SnoopyCool and TJO (oooh shameless plug), plays in-line hockey, plays the violin, programs and sleeps in his spare time. And he wonders why he never has time to do anything. Izzy is a horrible driver and is proud of it. Kinda. Proud of being one of a very, very small population of Japanese people at Blair (fie on thee, "Japanese" Club!) [And an even smaller population of Japanese/Koreans in the world], Izzy disdains all who think Japan is a place where only anime and sushi exist. What would Izzy love to have? A monster computer. Jeez, what a geek.

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