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Sunday, July 15, 2018 5:04 pm

Adam Schuyler

Page Editor
The young Adam Schuyler (El Duderino) became a kung-fu master at the ripe age of three. Upon his enlightenment at four, he quit his martial arts training, became a vegetarian and took up bowling. Currently, as a junior in the institution of “education" known as high school, His Dudeness spends his time drinking caucasians, groovin’ to the Dead, and playing with S-girl. One day, he will own an island where the sun always shines. The Dude abides. “Three thousand years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax – you’re damn right I’m stuck in the past."
The Big Lebowski

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Freshman Michael Hsu serves during the Blazers' win against the Rockville Rams on March 21.
Alex figures out a complicated calculus problem.
Senior Alex Mont takes a moment to look out the window during his American Studies class.
Viewers enjoying the D.C. Cherry Blossoms.
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Maryland General Assembly passed major restrictions on teen driving.
Reporters junior Samir Paul and senior Sheila Rajagopal quiver in fear in the face of senior Ryan Dean's rap skills.  Samir and Sheila challenged Dean to become the freestyle champions of Blair on Jan. 14.
Anatomy students dissect their cat.
Although on his own turf at the steakhouse, Rosen is forced to back down.
A battle to the death: Rosen the carnivore vs. Hannapel the vegetarian.
Silver Chips reporter Emily-Kate Hannapel eyes her food with suspicion at the Outback Steak House in Aspen Hill.
Auerbach in his Washington D.C. office.
Do the doo (rag).
Senior Sheila Rajagopal and junior Samir Paul try to intimidate the camera with threatening scowls and MIT and Yale sweatshirts, but they're not fooling anyone.
Make the right friends.
Learn the "dap."
Embrace the ice.
Penn gets assaulted by senior Patrick Brice, left and junior David Ufford, right.
Senior Julia Penn's backpack defeats her on Blair Boulevard.
Night School students wait for the start of second period at its previous time, 7:55 p.m., on Jan. 13.
Junior Kadiatu Kamara does homework during 5B lunch.  The wedding band on her left hand is a constant reminder that she is married to a man she has never met.
An untested spigot in the team room.
Psychology teacher Margaret Jessell trains Social Studies Secretary Claire Wall's chocolate lab, Musi, during 5B psychology class.  Click <a href="/inside.php?sid=4468">here</a> for more details.
Junior Jacob Wade jumps to defend against an Einstein shot in the Blazers' Dec. 7 opening-day loss.
Junior Jacob Wade jumps to defend against an Einstein shot in the Blazers' Dec. 7 opening-day loss.
It's all about the timbs.
Danny Ratpojanakul shakes hands (paws) with Musi during 5B class.
Jessell trains Musi during the 5B psychology class.
Musi shakes junior JoAnne Rogers' hand while Psychology teacher Margaret Jessell looks on.
Senior Michael Blair shows off the vegan and sweatshop-free shoes he wears instead of traditional footwear.
Senior Josh Stern rides overcrowded bus 5997 on Jan. 9.
Junior point guard Brittany Higgins dribbles past a Bengal defender on Feb. 4.
Senior Caroline Kuttner shoots a fadeaway against Blake on Feb. 4.
Students were allowed to move to the SAC or gym after spending some time in the stadium.
Juniors Michael Forbes and David Crawford write software for BlazerNet in the Cisco room on Dec. 4 during 5A.  BlazerNet is a new student Internet service provider.
Science teacher Leslie Rogers wore this mask during his cancer treatments.  His doctors marked where they radiated his brain so as not to treat the same area twice.
Senior Caroline Kuttner dribbles down the court during the Dec. 9 game against B-CC.
Wizards players Jarvis Hayes, Juan Dixon and Jared Jefferies sit among a crowd of Blair students during the filming of the PSA.
First doubles player Seema Kacker, a junior, serves during the Sept 4 match against Seneca Valley.