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Pratik Bhandari

Page Editor
Pratik Bhandari is (now) a 5í6" SENIOR who (still) weighs about 125 pounds. He came from India, which could explain his diminutive stature and lived there for three years before moving to Albany, the capital of New York believe it or not, and finally to Maryland. Other than work on SCO (haha) and take hour long bus rides to and from school - because of the godforsaken traffic and the fact that he lives in GERMANTOWN!?!?!?! - Pratik also likes to play badminton. Thatís right, badminton. Pratik is also uber-competitive and slightly annoying which gets him into trouble all the time. However, he uses his charm (yeah, right) and an unlimited arsenal of bad jokes to survive. Somehow, he has risen to the status of sports editor which basically allows him to act as if he has a really important job while giving him a great excuse for watching the Redskins. Four years from now, Pratik hopes to be working on a degree in aerospace engineering and having lots of fun at some top-notch college (like MIT or UMCP). His perfect day would probably include lots of sports, lots of sleeping and lots of eating (He has a high metabolism, okay?) . Probably not all at the same time though... "Save me Jebus!!!!!" -Homer Simpson

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