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Monday, June 18, 2018 11:14 pm

Adith Sekaran

Page Editor
Adith Sekaran is finally a senior at Blair. Adith is a man who is a big time sports fan and can spend any day to itsí entirety watching sports or ESPN. Football season is his favorite, which he spends cheering on his ĎSkins to no avail, as they continue to lose each season. Donít disturb him during this time, as he gets rather involved in the game. He also enjoys the NBA season and watching the Wizards, however see above as the Wizards have the same losing results. In his free time, if not watching or playing sports, he listens to rap music, talks to friends and plays video or computer games.

Stories Authored (50)

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The Big East is as good as advertised

Redskins need to win out for any chance at the playoffs

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ACC Tournament 2005: North Carolina

ACC Tournament 2005: Duke

ACC Tournament 2005: NC State

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Trade deadline strengthens East

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Booker T. Washington

Thurgood Marshall

NBA: A look at the Eastern Conference at the Break

NBA: A look at the Western Conference at the Break

The East should prepare to be humbled

Super Bowl Prediction

The new dynasty Patriots

2004: A great year for sports

Randy Moss: A sad sight for football

Orange Bowl does not live to hype

Another disappointing season comes to an end

Meet the Fockers fails to meet expectations

Baseball's secrets revealed

NCAA Top 25 preview

A new look for JV boys

Two Montgomery County teens die on road

NBA season preview

Blazers finish strong

Blazers fall to Panthers

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Blazers fall in last game of season

Team USA no longer the Dream Team

Olympic security a huge investment

Ricky Williams suddenly retires

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