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Christopher Consolino

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Christopher Consolino is a senior in Communication Arts Program. If Chris had free time, he would spend it practicing piano and taking pictures with his 15 year-old Minolta. He would also like to stress how much better wet process photography is than digital. Most of Chris's artistic inspiration comes from his two lazy cats and the effects of sleep deprivation. Beyond tons of homework, Chris looks forward to another promising year writing and, more recently, editing for Silver Chips Online.

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Galleries (5) Homecoming

Pictures (72)

Pratik and his muscle-tee.
Puran Bangura, left, discusses his experiences as a slave before being rescued. Dr. Sudhanshu Joshi, right, translated for Bangura.
Seniors Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le, left, and Chelsea Zhang, right, were named as 2006 Intel Science Talent Search (STS) finalists. They are two of 40 total Intel finalists in the nation. Twelve Blair students were named semifinalists.
Behold the future of snoWatching innovation and technology.
Social studies teacher Kevin Moose talks with prospective Blair students and their parents about the Blair academies during an open house held on Nov. 14. The event, which began at 6:30 p.m., allowed participants to meet with Blair staff and listen to speeches given by seniors Jody Pollock, Samir Paul and Segen Beshir.
Blazers break it down at the annual Homecoming dance, held this year on Oct. 29.<i>Click on the photo for a gallery of Homecoming events.</i>
Blair seniors participated in a career and college fair sponsored by the Counseling Department during PSAT testing on Oct. 12. Freshmen and sophomores took practice PSATs, which were provided by Kaplan Inc. and the Montgomery College/MCPS Partnership, respectively.
The D.C. Armory, designed to hold crowds of up to 10,000 persons, is currently home to around 168 New Orleans evacuees, according to the Red Cross. The Red Cross is also helping evacuees find jobs and housing in the surrounding area.
Billy Allen takes a break from reading his Bible for a moment to view his fellow survivors gathered around the D.C. armory on Sept. 10.
Senior Lu Chen (center) and volunteers from other schools set up artworks for sale.
Vivian Lu, 6, solicits donations for survivors of Hurricane Katrina during the silent art auction on Sept. 10 at Walt Whitman High School. More artwork will be auctioned on Sept. 11 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Walter Johnson High School.
Assistant Principal Linda Wanner made an appearance at the "Get Graphic" book party as Wonder Woman. The book party allowed teachers to browse more than 700 new books added to the Media Center this year.
Blair's Media Center staff disguised themselves as the "IMC 6" during the "Get Graphic" book party on Sept. 7. The themed party unveiled approximately $35,000 worth of new books, according to Media Specialist Lisa Hack.
Christy Huddle, Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Coordinator, gives PTSA members her recommendations as to how pedestrian safety can be improved at Blair.
Spectators line the steps of the Jefferson Memorial to catch a unique glimpse of fireworks as they reflect in the calm waters of the Tidal Basin.
The bulk of spectators for the Independence Day celebration sit on the National Mall were fireworks illuminate the sky behind the Washington Monument.
Thousands of tourists and Metro Area residents flock to the National Mall to view Independence Day fireworks.
Fireworks light up the D.C. sky during the 25th annual "A Capitol Fourth" national Independence Day celebration.
Senior Class President Alejandra Barberena said farewell to her fellow classmates in a heartfelt speech.
Graduation keynote speaker Andre Williams recounted his experience at Blair to the Class of 2005 and gave the seniors several words of wisdom along with a slam poem.
Principal Phillip Gainous gives the Class of 2005 some words of encouragement before they head off to college and the real world.
Doug Lubowitz gives a brief tour of the recording studio and explanation of the song writing contest to Blair students and faculty.
Seniors Dominic D'eustachio (Left) and Will Timpson (Right) make their way onto the John Lennon bus for a look at the recording studio, eager to begin the production of a both a song and music video over the course of the day.
Blair Media Assistant Susan Madden leans up against the John Lennon bus. Blair faculty and news organizations were given short tours of the mobile recording studio.
The Blair contest winners produced and recorded a new song all in one day with the help of the John Lennon bus staff.
Julian Talley and Dominic D'eustachio begin to lay down basic elements of the soundtrack composed for the tour bus music video.
The John Lennon Bus houses a fully operational recording studio boasting top-of-the-line equipment donated by corporate sponsors.
The John Lennon Bus made a stop at Blair in the teacher parking lot on Thursday, March 5 as part of the John Lennon songwriting contest. Blair produced five contest winners who were given the unique opportunity to record an original song.
Montgomery County Police were awarded the final contribution to their community-based policing in Long Branch during the Weed and Seed Steering Committee meeting on April 7.
Sophomores Maggie Sullivan (right) and Shante Henderson (left) flaunt their green outfits on St. Patrick's Day.
Media Center specialist and Blair's "Spirit Lady," Susan Madden, is dressed up for St. Patrick's Day.
Freshmen Markisha Walker (left) and Saletta Taylor (right) show off their green spirit.
Washington Post reporter Jay Mathews speaks at Richard Montgomery High School on Wednesday, March 9, informing students and parents about the college application process.
Washington Post reporter Jay Mathews gives a lecture regarding college applications at Richard Montgomery High School on Wednesday, March 9.<br><br>
The football field and bleachers are covered in snow while slush and ice melt away on the sidewalks.
The soccer field remains buried under snow after the storm.
Snow in the student parking lot begins to melt after the Feb. 28 snowstorm.
Snow covers Blair's student parking lot late on Monday, Feb. 28.
Silver Spring at Four Corners is hit by another winter blast on Monday, Feb. 28.
After renovation, the Old Blair Auditorium will seat 1,200 people and feature a rising pit orchestra area.
Playbills decorate the wings of the Old Blair Auditorium.
InToneNation performs "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" at Magnet Arts Night on February 11.
Freshman Christina Zou performs on a piano for parents and peers at Magnet Arts Night on Friday, Feb. 11.
Seniors Ana Karimi and David Crawford swing to the beat of "Sing, Sing, Sing."
Magnets perform a traditional Chinese ribbon dance.
Junior Brian Nieh sings "Ocean Avenue" by "Yellowcard."
Sophomore Merlyn Deng performs "Fisherman Sings at Dusk" on the Chinese Harp with junior June Hu (not pictured).
Junior Kiran Belani (blue) and sophomore Anjali Parekh (green) perform Bhangra, a traditional Indian folk dance.
Ronald Reagan National Airport
The view outside of the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station.  <br>
The inside of the Crystal City Metro station.
The Metro station at Ronald Reagan National Airport. <br>
Director of Curriculum Dale Fulton and Community Superintendent Don Kress listen to PTSA testimony advocating for continuing a 4x4 schedule at Northwood High School.<br>
Northwood freshman Jeff Adams advocates for 4x4 scheduling during the Jan. 11 PTSA meeting at Northwood High School.<br>
Community Superintendent Steve Bedford answers questions from Northwood Hs parents during an open discussion about MCPS's decision to do away with 4x4 scheduling.<br>
Senior Susan Blythe-Goodman plays the cello during the symphony orchestra's rendition of Handel's "Messiah" in conjunction with the Blazer Choir.
The Blazer Choir performs during the Winter Concert on Friday, Jan. 8 under the  direction of Paul Newport.
Blair's Blazer Choir, along with several other musical and instrumental groups, performs at the Winter Concert held on Friday, Jan. 8 at 7:30 p.m.
Entrepreneurship Academy Head Sundra Mann runs the Blair Business Opportunity Center with students during lunch.
Dogs from Greenbelt Dog Training perform tricks along the parade route.
Key Club sports a giant penguin float, grabbing spectators' attention.
A colonial marching band leads groups and floats along the parade route.
Blazers assemble on the bleachers after a fire alarm that sounded before the start of seventh period.<br><i>
Physics Team poses with their float.<BR><a href="/gr/oct2004/physics_team.jpg">(Click here to enlarge)</a><br><br>
Polly Sues in Takoma Park also offers a wide variety of dress options for females this homecoming season.
For a more antique fashion, Blazers should check out the Takoma Underground in downtown Takoma Park.
Students read at the Borders grand opening in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday, Sept. 18.
Junior Synthia Mariadhas tries to block junior Katy Lafen from making a catch during Frisbee Club's 5b practice on September 14.
Parents try to find their way to their children's first fifth period class during Back to School Night.