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Elena Pinsky

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Elena Pinsky is a SENIOR and the art editor of Silver Chips Online. If she were a fruit, she would be a peach. She drives a Prius and isn't afraid to brag about its STELLAR gas mileage. When she draws cartoons, she finds inspiration from the world around her. So, do something stupid and she'll make a comic out of it. Also, Elena takes photos for SCO with a digital camera that she's in LOVE with. She will never turn-down any strawberry-flavored candy. She and Diana head a KILLAH VISUAL TEAM!! Art and photos at your serice.

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Junior Terence McPherson was in charge of the Silver Chips table, which featured copies of the newspaper, Survivor, the freshman magazine, and Golden Chips, the alumni magazine.
The table display for the Math Department.
A table sponsored by the Federal Credit Union encouraged passerbys to open banking accounts.
English Department Head Vickie Adamson proudly shows off a display of books read by Blair English classes. Some might say she's all that and a "bag of chips."
Members of the Blair After Prom Committee sold food during Blair Fair to raise money for After Prom decorations and activities.
Tables featuring bidding sheets for a variety of goods and services lined the SAC for the Silent Auction.
Ann Hoffnar and Rhonda Krantz hold a stuffed salamander to attract attention for their booth about the Friends of Sligo Creek, an organization devoted to protecting Sligo Creek Park.
Freshman Jessica Arce and sophomore Shantasia Mitchell enjoy the free chips and slurpees provided by the Blair cafeteria.
Sophomore Michelle Lopez, president of the  Japanese Club, mans a table filled with Japanese comic books and dolls.
Blazer families, Blair academic departments and other outside organizations donated themed gift baskets to help raise money for Blair during the Silent Auction held at Blair Fair on April 28.
The SGA table during Blair Fair encouraged Blazers to get involved in the school.
Blair Network Communications hosted an episode of their student-produced game show, Rapid Fire, in the middle of Blair Boulevard.
Sophomore Robert Alexander performs two poems during the Poetry Slam in the media center.
The audience looks on during the Poetry Slam. The Media Center was transformed into a low-lit literary haven, complete with scented candles and decorated tables.
Junior Daniel DaSilva pores over the record collection at the book and music sale.
Freshman Daniel Woolson demonstrates the classic "tornado-in-a-bottle" science experiment.
Blazers vote for the candidates for SGA positions in the small gym during fourth period on April 25.
Junior Christie Lin stands backward to bump the ball over the net during a home game on Apr. 19.
Junior Brian Han serves against WJ during the third set of the April 19 home game against Poolesville.
Senior Jesse Mueller bats against Rockville during a varsity home game on Mar. 23.
Junior Adam Kopp pitches during a varsity home game against the Rockville Rams on March 23.
Junior Michelle Linford steps up to the plate during the varsity shutout game against the Rockville Rams on Mar. 23. The final score was 10-0 Blair.
Junior Annie Denenberg pitched a shutout for four innings during the home game against Rockville on Mar. 23.
Junior Allison Rubin bats against the Rockville Rams in a 10-0 varsity Blair win during a home game on March 23.
Jamie Raskin, candidate for Maryland State Senate, held a discussion with Blair students after school on Mar. 9.
Maryland State Senate Candidate Jamie Raskin talked to Blair students in an event sponsored by SGR after school on Mar. 9. Raskin would represent District 20, which includes Takoma Park and much of Silver Spring.
Students taking AP U.S. History participated in a symposium to discuss various issues of national policy from the 1920s. Each Blazer took on the role of a significant icon of the era. The symposium was held in the Media Center on Mar. 8 and freshmen taking U.S. History were invited to watch.
Junior Eric Su returns a serve during boys tennis practice after school on Mar. 7.
The Blair track team runs with high-knee lifts during practice after school on Mar. 7.
A table in the SAC displays items from and information about countries in Latin America.
The heritages of senior Ngoclan Nguyen, sophomore Nazanin Yousefnejad, senior Tinny Lee, freshman Dixie Souazoube and sophomore Kadidiatou Traore represent the cultures and dress from countries around the globe.
Seniors Josephine Camara and Ella Amendah  wear dresses with African prints for Culture Day on Feb. 16.
Juniors Jessica Wolcott and Gabe Fonte wear homemade shirts that display their pride in their Native American heritages on Culture Day during Spirit Week in February.
Seniors Lucia Jimenez and Mayra Ramos wear matching El Salvador jerseys while junior Braulio Salas sports one from the Dominican Republic.
A table in the SAC during lunch on Feb. 16 displays information about the many cultures and traditions in Africa.
Senior Patrick Aparicio sports a track jacket and tee shirt to display his Brazilian pride during Culture Day on Feb. 16.
Junior Odir Sorto pays homage to Batman with an outfit that even includes a toolbelt!
Senior Sayoh Mansaray likes to go by the name "Super Mansa."
Senior Shannon Murray hides behind the collar of her Dracula cape.
Seniors Austin Fang and Michael Tsai put together handmade roses during 5A lunch at a table along Blair Blvd. on Feb. 9. The Chinese Club, along with other Blair organizations, are selling various items for Valentine's Day, including teddy bears and singing valentines.
Junior Lauren Atha works on a drawing for AP Studio Art during second period on Nov. 22.
Junior Lauren Atha works on a drawing for AP Studio Art during second period on Nov. 22.
Sophomore Haben Ghebremeschel pins his Northwest opponent during a home match on Feb. 1.
The coaches of the Blair wrestling team honor the graduating seniors with flowers before the home match on Feb. 1.
Sophomore Noah Sennett looks to take down his Northwest opponent in a wrestling home match held on Feb. 1.
Seniors Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le, right, and Chelsea Zhang were named as 2006 Intel Science Talent Search (STS) finalists. They are two of 40 total Intel finalists in the nation.
Seniors Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le and Chelsea Zhang were named as 2006 Intel Science Talent Search (STS) finalists. They are two of 40 total Intel finalists in the nation.
The Blair PTSA held a fundraising event at the El Golfo Restaurant in Silver Spring on the evening of Jan. 25 and Jan. 26. Signs posted outside the building advertised that Blazer patrons could donate 25 percent of their meal checks to the school.
The Diva Dancers show off their skills at the Club Showcase.
The Blair drumline strikes up a beat during the Clubs Showcase on Dec. 23.
Administrator Linda Wanner does a dance to the song "Laffy Taffy."
The Middle Eastern Dance Club uses large scarves in their dance for the Clubs Showcase.
The Blair Step Team moves in unison during the Club Showcase.
The Blair drumline strikes up a beat during the club showcase.
The Carribean Club dances at the Clubs Showcase held in the gym during 7th period on Dec. 23.
Blair's string orchestra plays in the Winter Concert on Dec. 22.
The Blair concert band performs during the Winter Concert held in the auditorium on the evening of Dec. 22.
Blazers practice reading lines and rehearsing dance steps in preparation for auditions for Blair's spring musical "Crazy for You." Auditions were held on Dec. 19 and 20.
Junior Erin Fincher uses colored pencils to complete an illustration assignment in Studio Art during second period on Nov. 22. Fincher says she dropped out of the AP  art class because she wanted to devote more time to her studies.
Building service workers strip the carpeting in room 157 after school on Nov. 10. The carpeting had to be removed because the plumbing leaks caused damage.
The Step Team performs at the Freshman Social in the SAC after school on Thursday.
Senior Dana Swarth sports all of the essential Blazer spirit items: devil horns, a Blair t-shirt, painted nails, and a pom-pom wig.
Junior Erica Irving completes her spirited outfit with red and white Christmas lights for her backpack.
Junior Quentin Snively displays some true cowboy spirit.
Attendence secretary Ms. Fus gets eaten by a giant metallic blue and green fish hat.
Senior Lysa Cabrera shows off an airbrush-decorated style hat with her name on it.
Seniors Yolanda Aguilera and Edith Berrios top off their matching getups with identical colored scarves on Oct. 25 for Twin Day.
Seniors Elizabeth Packer and Tara Huang love the band Brand New so much that they made their own t-shirts with the band's name.
Senior administrator Ms. Wanner addresses the senior class during a motivational meeting in the auditorium during first period on October 25.
Sophomores Hannah Nelson and Lindsay Brewer profess their love for chocolate with these matching Hersheys shirts.
Juniors Juli Sandberg-Bernard and Courtney Deluca team up to show their love for the Washington Capitals hockey team.
SGA seniors Stephen Demarais and Flynn Collins are proud of the iron-on decal shirts that they made themselves.
Sophomores Delcina Walters, Saletta Taylor, and Daphni Surin triple team to show off their yellow shirts and sequined shoes.
Senior Maddie Driskill makes a "mooing" sound to complement her "cowgirl" getup.
Juniors Briseyda Lopez and Sandy Flores show love for their dog stuffed animals.
While freshman Christopher Cagle loves his M'n'M pajama pants, sophomore Candle Turner prefers her silk flowered robe.
Senior Bruno Falco strikes a thoughtful pose in his robe and slippers.
Senior administrator Ms. Wanner sets an example to the students in her blue robe.
Sophomores Stephanie Verduguez and Noel Stewart sport stylish PJs to school.
Seniors Mayra Ramos, Lucia Jimenez, Johanna Maldonado, and Susana Sagastizado smile and show off their favorite stuffed animals.
Senior Jonah Gold is proud of his "sockasins," sock mocasin hybrids.
Senior Pearl Horng positions herself to hit the ball back to her Kennedy opponent during a girls varsity tennis home game on Oct. 17.
Senior Margot Pass prepares to return the ball during the girls varsity tennis homegame on Oct. 17.
Senior Janice No serves to her opponent during a girls varsity tennis home game against Kennedy on Oct. 17.
Senior Janice No serves to her opponent during the girls varsity tennis home game against Kennedy on Monday.
The Blair Poms team sells baked goods to raise money during the Takoma Park Street Festival on Oct. 2.
Hip-hop group, the Coup, takes the stage during the concert held as part of the peace rally on the lawn of the Washington monument on Sept. 24.
Marchers hold signs to express their views 
during the peace protest in downtown DC on Sept.24.
A group of women in patriotic dress perform popular tunes with lyrics altered to address the issues of the Bush presidency and the war on Iraq during the peace protest in downtown DC on Sept.24.
Senior Josh Gist (middle) and freshman Colin Schmidt (far right) compete against Springbrook in a 5k cross country meet on Sept. 27.
Senior co-captain Amelyne Major sprints the last leg of the 5k race during a cross country meet against Springbrook on Sept. 27.
Onlookers view the makeshift gravesite erected for the peace protest in DC on Saturday. The crosses and strings of 
photos on papers all commemorate soldiers who have died in Iraq.
Despite rainy weather, thousands attended the annual National Book Festival held on the National Mall on Saturday. Here, people gather around a bookmobile sponsored by Scholastic books.
A marcher holds up a peace sign during the anti-war rally held in downtown D.C. on Saturday. Many Blazers attended the march to voice their opinions on the war in Iraq.
Sophomore Whitney Skippings outruns the competition during the JV girls soccer game against Sherwood, at Blair on Tuesday, September 20.
Freshman Paige Munger runs the ball up the sideline during the home game against Sherwood on Tuesday.
Sophomore Barbara Hendrick battles pressure from Sherwood players on both sides during the JV Girls soccer home game on Tuesday.
Jazz musician Marcus Johnson lights up the stage with his ensemble band during the Silver Spring Jazz Festival.
Marcus Johnson performs at the 2005 Silver Spring Jazz Festival.
The Hispanic Club had a beautiful display for their table at the activity fair in the gym during 5B on Tuesday.
Members of the Hispanic Club strike a pose during the activity fair in the gym during 5B on Tuesday.
Members of the Middle Eastern Dance Club discuss their art with interested Blazers during the activity fair in the gym during 5B on Tuesday.
Members of the Amnesty International Club try to get members to join and promote human rights around the world.
Members of the acapella group, InToneNation, use their smile to recruit singers.
Members of the SGA display their sculpture of a Blazer during the activity fair during 5B on Tuesday.
Members of the SGA display a sculpture of a Blazer during the activity fair in the during 5B on Tuesday.
Senior Rachel Martin, junior Courtney Deluca and sophomore Nazanin Yousefnejad represent the Middle Eastern Dance Club at the activity fair during 5B lunch on Tuesday in the gym.
Wynton Marsalis, a nine-time Grammy Award- and Pultizer Prize-winner, plays a tune on his trumpet during the second annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival on the night of September 10.
People gather in downtown Silver Spring for the Silver Spring Jazz Festival on September 10. <i>Click on picture to view gallery.</i>
Board of Education member Valerie Ervin adresses an audience of Blair students after seventh period on Thursday. Ervin spoke about equity in education as part of a discussion sponsored by SGR.
InToneNation, Blair's a capella group, performs during an end-of-the-year concert held in the band room on the evening of May 31. The group sang classics such as "Amazing Grace," "Smooth Operator" and
"Take On Me."
Seniors Martin Gilbert, Joey Pinto-Coelho, Karima Tawfik, and Olivia Bevacqua sign yearbooks and rejoice during their last scheduled Blair lunch on May 20.
Motivational speaker Rodney Saunders addresses the junior class during an assembly designed to encourage students to attend college held in the auditorium during first period on Tuesday, May 17.
A family of Mallard ducks waddles through the teacher courtyard during seventh period on Friday, May 13. <br><br>Click the above picture to read about this year's duck family.<br><br>
InTone Nation, Blair's acapella group, performs the song "Amazing Grace" during a choral concert held in the SAC on the evening of Wednesday, May 11.<br><br>
A technician prepares to draw blood from senior Jazmin Benitez's arm during the blood drive at Blair on Friday, April 29.
A voting official assists a student as he attmepts to cast a vote at a laptop voting station in the gym during 3rd period on April 27.
Blazers line up at the portable voting booths to elect the next Student Member of the Board in the gym during 3rd period on April 27.  Blair junior Sebastian Johnson won the election, taking 79 percent of the vote.  Click <a href=>here</a> to read about his victory.<br><br>Click on the picture to view a photo gallery of the election.<br>
A Blazer votes for SGA members at a laptop computer voting station in the gym during 3rd period on April 27.
Junior Sebastian Johnson, current SGA president and candidate for Student Member of the Board, receives a hug from senior Namerud Admasu.
Junior Barun Aryal, future SGA president, shows voters a video of candidate's speeches during 3rd period on April 27.
Tourists enjoy the balmy weather and gorgeous cherry blossoms by the Tidal Basin.
The Jefferson Memorial rests majestically on the other side of the Tidal Basin, in downtown D.C.
Cherry tree blossoms hanging over the Tidal Basin in downtown D.C.
The branch of a cherry tree blossom  dangling over the water during the National Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin in downtown D.C. Click the above picture to view a gallery.
The Gay-Straight Alliance sponsored the Day of Silence on April 13 during which students voluntarily refrained from speaking for an entire day.  After school, students participated in a "Break the Silence" where they hung posters and discussed reactions received from peers and teachers throughout the day.
Power outages blacked out computers in the room 165 computer lab.
Over spring break, the YMCA held "Healthy Kids Day" in the SAC.
Over spring break, the YMCA held "healthy kids day" in teh SAC.
Members of the Jewish Culture Club sell tickets for their Purim Poker Party outside the SAC during 5A lunch on March 22.
Members of the Jewish Culture Club sell tickets for their Purim Poker Party outside the SAC during 5A lunch on March 22.
Senior defender Vicky Dean runs to protect the goal during the home game against the Poolsville Falcons on March 21.
A view of the boats docked at the Gangplank Marina.<br><br>
The display of airplanes on the College Park Aviation Museum airfield.
The African American Civil War Memorial near the U Street Metro station.<br><br>
OxyContin, a drug to which some Blair students have become addicted.
Cut out the form of a much smaller heart and write a message on it.
Open the paper and you will see that the tab, which juts inward, is formed in two parts. Glue the bottom tip of the smaller heart onto the bottom part of the tab.

Once the glue has dried, the card can be further decorated. When your recipient of choice opens the card, your message will pop out.
Push the tab in the opposite direction so that it remains hidden when the paper is folded. Cut the shape of a heart around the tab. Be sure leave a part of the folded edge on the top part of each side of the heart so that the card will be able to open.
Fold a piece of construction paper in half hamburger-style. In the middle of the
folded side, cut a tab about an inch thick that tapers in.
Once all glue has dried, stick your pal into the pocket and write a spirited
message on the shirt itself. This is the perfect Valentine for a cherished friend.
<i>Chips staffer Emily-Kate Hannapel poses with the pocket pal Valentine</i>
Apply liquid glue to the curved outer edge ONLY and paste to the upper right side of the paper shirt. 

Decorate a popsicle stick as your pal of choice. Clothes can be cut out of construction paper and glued directly to the stick.
Trace the form of a shirt onto a piece of construction paper and cut it out.

Next, trace the shape of a pocket on a piece of construction paper and cut it out. Make sure the pocket is large enough to fit your "pocket pal."
The aviation museum near the College Park Metro station.<br><br>
The Mall at Prince Georges
The entrance to Arena Stage.
Children at Takoma Park Middle School enjoy sledding in the winter's first significant snow.
Children sled down the hill at Takoma Park Middle School.
Six-time Tour de France champion cyclist Lance Armstrong speaks, as the newly-announced members of Team Discovery's 2005 Pro-cycling team look on. Blair students were invited to attend the event, which took place at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring on Monday, Jan. 10.
The Montgomery Blair Peer Educators spoke to tenth-grade health classes to increase HIV/AIDS awareness on Jan. 9 and 10.
Senior Ashleigh Nixon-Joseph wears a Harry Potter-influenced wizard hat.
The band plays in the stands at a football game earlier this year wearing the old uniforms.