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Monday, June 25, 2018 2:28 am

Hannah Rosen

Page Editor
Hannah Rosen is short and has eyes that squint up really tiny when she laughs, which is basically all the time. She is a raging optimist and a morning person, to the annoyance of many. She obviously has interests, but she is too lazy to list them all, so to sum up: chick flicks, car rides, the Beatles, ballroom dancing, rollerblading, TAKING PICTURES. She dreams of someday waltzing in the woods, but since that might not happen, she will settle for dance lessons and the spring musical. SENIORS!!!!!

Galleries (4) President Bush visits Blair

Pictures (46)

Freshman Molly Brune clears the ball in the Blazers' 0-1 playoff defeat.
Representative Chris Van Hollen speaks at the forum.
Junior Elena Talbott fights for the ball against QO.
Cheerleaders raise spirit at the Montgomery County Division II Cheerleading Competition on December 10, 2005.  The Cheerleaders won both the second place and spirit awards.
Protesters in the Blair student parking lot show their opposition to President Bush's Social Security plan.
President Bush leaves the stage.
A barricade of dump trucks and small cars (seen in the background) was used to blockade the Blair property.
President Bush speaks as Ben Stein and Wendy Merrill look on.
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Students sign a banner outside the SAC in memory of senior Andrew Helgeson, who passed away on May 25.
Students sign a banner in memory of senior Andrew Helgeson, who passed away on May 25.
Junior Barun Aryal and senior Gabriel Osborne lost in translation in "Arabian Nights."
Seniors John Visclosky and Alicia Posner debate the potency of a climbing axe buried in Visclosky's skull
Freshman Brittany Allen reads Faulkner in  a busy coffee shop in "Sure Thing."
Teacher and SGR sponsor Vlasits arm-wrestles senior Ryan Dean at the SGR Spectacular.
Sophomore Yuval Ravinsky-Gray practices a piece of music.  His affinity for the violin motivates him to rehearse 10-12 hours a week.
Sophomore Allen Zhang goes up for a block against a Damascus hitter during the Blazers' April 5 win over the Swarmin' Hornets.
Junior Sebastian Johnson campaigns for Student Member of the Board.
Johnson is interviewed regarding his SMOB candidacy for a previous appearance on TV.
SGA President junior Sebastian Johnson campaigns at Northwest High School during the Student Member of the Board (SMOB) Nominating Convention on March 15.  This is the second consecutive year a Blair student has been on the SMOB ballot.
Senior Erica Nowak gets her ankle wrapped by a Blair athletic student assistant, junior Adam MacLeod, before lacrosse practice on April 12.  Nowak's injury requires constant care and attention.<br><br>
Sophomore Nicole Poor does a backflip during a gymnastics practice on April 14.  The team lost its first meet to Blake, 106.35-162.5.
Forty percent of gay Americans say they practice religion, the most common being Catholicism, according to the Gay and Lesbian Consumer Online Census.
Senior Peter Bullen blocks a Damascus hitter's attack during the varsity boys volleyball team's three-set home victory over the Hornets, which took place on April 5.
Hannah Fegley of SGR referees a match between Eric Camphor and Martin Newman at SGR Spectacular.
Aeris lead singer Elizabeth Hoffman brings down the house at SGR Spectacular.
Greg Donaldson gets funky with the Blair breakdancers at SGR Spectacular.
James Lee serves to Damascus.
James Lee returns a serve during Blair's straight set win against Damascus.
Co-captain Zack Koerper prepares to blast the ball past Hornet defender.
Christie Lin volleys the ball to a fellow teammate in a game against Damascus.
Boys' volleyball team captain James Lee prepares to spike the ball.
Captain Zack Koerper spikes the ball in a winning match against Northwest.
Hispanic club dancing the Bachata, a passionate dance which originated in the Dominican Republic.
Ethiopian club performing a traditional wedding dance.
The Vietnamese club performing a dance from Southern Vietnam.
Connections planner cindy Villavicencio comments at a recycling meeting on Jan. 10.
Freshman Sam Bullard-Sisken dives off the starting block into the pool as his teammate finishes at the Jan. 8 Relay carnival at Martin Luther King, Jr. Swim Center in Silver Spring.
Oh! The Woes of Defeat!
Magnet seniors perform Matrix Ping Pong.
Brian Nieh sings "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard.
Brian Nieh rocks out with fellow bandmember in a rendition of "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard.
MC Bill McManigle introduces a song from Phantom of the Opera.
A member of Scene 7 dances to the Song One, Two, Step.
The beginning of a modern dance performed by Scene 7 to the song One, Two, Step.
Sophmore Anjali Parekh dances Bhangra, a traditional Indian dance.