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Thursday, June 21, 2018 6:27 am

Bridget Egan

Online Art Editor
Bridget Egan is a Communications Art student (graduating in 2007) who loves "CSI" and The Who. When she isn’t doing anything related to school work, she is drawing abstract art, reading comic books and normal books and learning to play the bagpipes. Bridget also has a mind for trivia and can remember any movie or television show with perfect accuracy. Her favorite movies include; The Third Man, Twelve Angry Men, (both the remake and the original) Unbreakable and The Shawshank Redemption. All in all, if you want to make her indescribably happy, all you have to do is say that you’ve read "Alive," by Piers Paul Read.

Stories Authored (42)

A sensational "Spiderman"

A powerful "Wind"

The (slightly old) kids are alright

SCO Oscar picks

"The Gunslinger Born": a brilliant birth

Pines of Rome: a forest of flavors

An eclectic comic book collection

Making an inappropriate fashion statement

Blazer alumna killed in slaying

"Tenth Circle" is filled with holes

A special "Special Victims Unit"

Whatever you do, do not call the police

Rules of life

A "Runaway" success

Dangerous "X-"pectations

Teachers with convictions

An entertaining "Mission"

Free Comic Book Day to be held

Blair holds first poetry slam

Second isn't always the best

Burning desire

Drawing the future of education

Thirty year celebration of the French immersion program held

Sundial built in student courtyard

Greek Chicken Salad

Five stars for "All Star Superman"

Taking the primitive out of camping food

From pages to plates, from movies to mouths

Cornucopia of curious celebrations

Blair holds first annual Science Research Conference

Jared Diamond visits DC

Get lost in "Lost" alternatives

Fear and loathing in MBHS

"Les Misérables" is anything but miserable

Local theater group holds successful gala

Throw away the key to "Ravens Gate"

Whitacre, David

Broken promises

Let's go, Murphys!

An entertaining "Night"

"Crime Scene Investigation" begins with a bang

The doctor is back in the "House"

Songs Reviewed (4)

Meat LoafThe Monster is Loose
4 stars
System Of A DownAerials
4.5 stars
Flogging MollyTobacco
3 stars
The ProdigyHot Ride
1 stars

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