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Monday, August 20, 2018 3:06 pm

Simon Kanter

Online Managing Editor
Simon "The Food Guy" Kanter is the silliest person you will ever meet. Though his true joy in life is posting recipes, Simon finds time to spend patting himself on the back for his witty remarks, breeding Trogdors, stealing markers, staplers and other convenient appliances, and idolizing Eve Gleichman. He's also a senior and expects some respect around here.

Stories Authored (30)

Yorktown Sautés Home Cooked

Homework doesn't make the grade

The Technological Triumvirate

County Council holds global warming symposium

WingFest, part I

Home Cooked deep fries Thomas Jefferson

"300" Points

"Borat" beats all

Texas ranch potato salad

A "Force" to be reckoned with

"Fearless" fails

Ask Chips #18: Attack of the Juniors

Potato Skillet

E3 2006 rattled the gaming industry

Chips burger showdown part II: The Reckoning

SGA, Media Center to sponsor book drive

Chips burger showdown, part I

"V" is for vicious

"Black & White II" is a miracle!

Blazer clubs and bands shine at SGR Spectacular

Say hello to the new neighbor, "The Boondocks"

Van Hollen holds town hall meeting in Takoma Park

"Battlefront II": Enter the Jedi

Blair's golfers tee off fall sports

For the love of cake!

A lucent "Proof"

The art of "War"

History, grease and plastic forks

Separation of reason and state

Ry Cooder is stuck in a "Ravine"

Songs Reviewed (3)

DragonForceThrough the Fire and the Flames
4.5 stars
The Postal ServiceDistrict Sleeps Alone Tonight
4.5 stars
Death Cab for CutieSoul Meets Body
4 stars

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