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Monday, June 18, 2018 1:45 am

Payal Patnaik

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Payal's bad habits include compulsive apologizing, and....sorry.

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Sherwood Warriors inch forward to victory

snoWatch: Let's boycott the calendar!

snoWatch: The mayhem continues

ID color coding system draws media attention

Boys' volleyball wins second county championship

"Water" is fluidly eloquent

Yearbooks to be distributed this week

Boys' volleyball to play in championship round

Car chase in Blair neighborhood ensues during rush hour

Coed volleyball earns first win of season

Blazer boys outplay Cavaliers

Warriors barely creep past Blazers

Oh so sweet Cinderellas

Atlantic Coast Conference still strong

A Cinderella story despite defeat

Duke still on top of the NCAA

The era of the mp3

New magnet programs to be implemented in Montgomery County

"King Kong" is a new classic

The spirit of the ACC captured in first few games

"Best of the Box": reality truly is the best

Maryland basketball season preview

Spiritless students fill Blair

Libby's indictment: deserving yet unsatisfactory

John Mahoney announces decision to run for Maryland State Senate

"Fantastic Four" falls short of being fantastic

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This sign near the 7-11 was knocked over by the stolen Jeep during the car chase on April 19.
An Army recruiter outside the Cinema Van.
Blair students board the U.S. Army Cinema Van, which was stationed in the student parking lot on Feb. 2. Several people protested military recruitment outside of the traveling multimedia vehicle.