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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 12:36 pm

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Adja Koite left Senegal when she was twelve years old because her father, who worked for the embassy in Dakar, was relocated to the District.
A Blazer wearing another variation of the "shrug."
Some graphic tees carry messages and/or cartoon characters.
This senior is sporting the male blazer and jeans look
Large jewelry, along with other accessories are popular fall fashion this year. <i>Click here for a fall fashion tour.</i>
With activist Che Geuvara on her shirt, senior Daphney Jean is all smiles.
This Bob Marley shirt can be found at stores like Up Against The Wall and The Last Stop.
The notorius checkered Vans.
Another fashionable pair of destroyed jeans.
Senior Fridayla Pal has an elaborte hair style.
This graphic tee offers humor.
Graphic tees are a rage at Blair.
Track jackets are comfortable and come in various colors, brands and designs.
This graphic tee is from H&M.
This Blazer is very fashionable in his ripped jeans.
Sophomore Alonda Robinson wears a fashionable pouche.
This Blazer is wearing sneaker much like the popular checkered Vans.
Senior Ana Ponce wears a white Blazer tha can be bought at stores like Hollister and Express.
Psychology teacher Ms. Jessell puts on a masterful disguise, complete with a blonde wig, for Wacky Tacky Day.
Sophomore Carlos Mesa clashes bright yellow, orange and red.
Junior Brandon John-Freso is proud of his bright red suit.
Five sophomore friends contrast stripes and plaid.
Nine Blazer girls show off their school spirit by dressing in funky florals and winter accessories.