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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 5:00 pm

Hokuma Karimova

Foreign Desk Editor
Hokuma is a fun and happy person, who has been described by some as crazy and eccentric. She is ecstatic to be part of the Silver Chips Online staff and hopes to someday fulfill the legacy that her older sister left behind. One thing that Hokuma can’t live without is music – it’s her life. For someone who lives by the quote “in the 21st century knowledge is power and music is life," Hokuma is in love with music and always finds a song to fit any situation. Another unique thing about her is that she is the only Azerbaijani person at Blair and therefore loves to rep her heritage any chance she gets. If you see her in the hallways, do not be afraid to say “wuts up," and get a glimpse of her pearly white smile.

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