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Monday, June 18, 2018 5:18 pm

Kate Harter

Online Weekend Editor
Kate is a seeeeennioorrrrrrrr

Stories Authored (28)

The luck o' the Irish

Poms squad finishes fifth in counties

Dead on arrival

Misplaced mourning

Brad Paisley's "Bonfires and Amplifiers" tour lights up Virginia

"Grey's Anatomy" barely passes first check-up

Mexican bean dip

Broomsticks, horcruxes and a whole lot of unanswered questions

Kabemba, Mbaya

Just what the doctor ordered

Nothing to brag about

Blazers blow by Magruder in regular season finale

Sherwood steals Blair's flame on senior night

The worrying world of Blair

Softball opens season with scintillating victory

Ultimately predictable

SCO Oscar picks

The top six of '06 and seven to look out for in '07

JV Blazers falter at home

Take a well-deserved "Holiday"

Ready to get "Happy?"

"Flushed" from so much laughing

"The OC" season four returns without roar

Cool carving

Racing toward a better future

Open for younger audiences

Second period power outage disrupts classes

Cross "Crossover" off your list

Songs Reviewed (2)

MikaGrace Kelly
4 stars
MimsThis is Why I'm Hot
1 stars

Galleries (2) Cabbage soup

Pictures (19)

The cheese and a pinch of pepper finish the soup off nicely.
Now for the staple ingredient: the yummy cabbage.
The stock makes the mixture soupy, and the beans add a different taste.
Garlic and onions add some flavor to the soup.
The potatoes, salt and oil go into the pot first.
Getting the ingredients together is the first step in the soup-making process.
The Virgin Irish Rose is the perfect refreshment for St. Patrick's Day.
Soda bread is a tasty Irish treat.
Brad Paisley performs his chart-topper "Online" at Nissan Pavilion on Oct. 6.
This scrumptious bean dip is always a crowd favorite.
McMahon belts out the lyrics to "Bruised."
Lead singer Andrew McMahon is accompanied by bassist Jonathan Sullivan on one of Jack's Mannequin's hit singles, titled "Dark Blue."