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Monday, July 23, 2018 5:53 am

David Jia

Online Blair Connections Editor
David Jia is thrilled to be on the Silver Chips Online staff and is looking forward to a fun year as a junior as a staff writer. He enjoys swimming and table tennis, though he is not competent in either sport. His friends often think of him as weird but he doesn't really care that much (because it's true). No one really understands why he can be so strange at times. Perhaps being born in Mississippi has something to do with it. David also enjoys singing, though he is very shy about singing in front of people, so don't ask him to.

Stories Authored (30)

Homemade and healthy

Apatow-styled, but nothing special

A movie that will catch your "Eye"

Not another Godzilla

Senior activities to be held on PSAT day

Good luck surviving "Chuck"

ID policy now strictly enforced

"Phoenix" gives Harry Potter a feel

Galloway, Kerri

Governor designates May 25 for Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Day

Last After Prom planning yesterday

First HSA and senior exam review day tomorrow

Student eligibility to run for SGA office limited

Ben Moskowitz elected Student Member of the Board

Over 30 dead after massacre at Virginia Tech

Darfur activist students rally in front of the Chinese Embassy

After Prom fundraiser to be held tomorrow at Jerry's in Four Corners

Blair takes first in University of Maryland Programming Contest

Blair dominates on "It's Academic"

PTSA committee enlists professional gardeners for landscaping plan

Boys and girls swimming team up to conquer Damascus

Democrats successful in Maryland elections overall

Fire alarm pulled during 5A lunch

Homemade Dumplings

Freshmen convention brings elections to Blair

Princeton follows Harvard in abolishing early decision

Blair trees removed for interfering with power lines

An acceptable "Accepted"

High AP scores to take place of HSA's

Frozen blueberry smoothie

Songs Reviewed (1)

JibbsChain Hang Low
4 stars

Galleries (3) Healthy pizza

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A slice of perfection.
Out of the oven, this pizza is a beauty.
And into the oven it goes.
Add toppings for taste and color.
Spread the sauce.
These ingredients make up the best pizza ever.
The delicious final product. <i>Click on this photo to view photos of the whole cooking process</i>