Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 6:29 pm

Boris Vassilev

Online Entertainment Editor and Online/Print Coordinator
THIS IS BORIS'S FIRST BIO EVER! Squirrels in the Montgomery Blair area have recently filed a restraining order against Boris. He copped their nuts and borrowed their hairstyles. (Just look at his legs!)

Stories Authored (37)

Don't be fooled by "Deception"

Rollin with Stromboli

A fantastically bloody "Sweeney Todd"

"I Am Legend" is not quite mythical

"The Golden Compass" goes south

Rockin in the halls

Getting cut short

New ways to "Shoot 'Em Up"

A false start with AP exams

The rumís not all gone "At World's End"

A guide to Edline

Titus, blood on the stage

Grind, slash and smash

SGA plans a month of events

Decemberists rock Strathmore

The "next" big idea

SCO Oscar picks

In step with politics

Listen the night away

Smokin' Guns

TGI 2:10

Two Wootton students missing

Rah rah, go Blair...Tiddlywinks?

Console Wars

Lock-out protest held Tuesday morning

Two thumbs for "Five Women"

Two Blazers to compete at Carnegie Mellon on Nov. 17 and 18

A lot of truth in "Stranger Than Fiction"

"The Crane Wife" takes flight

"Babel" thrills

Fire alarm pulled during 5A lunch

Help for "Fools"

Newfound spirit surges through Blair

Rose, William

SGA selects Spirit Day themes

A Purple solution

An imaginative "Lady in the Water"

Songs Reviewed (3)

Jack JohnsonIf I Had Eyes
3 stars
MogwaiGlasgow Mega-Snake
4.5 stars
Mars VoltaVermicide
4 stars

Galleries (2) A real snow day

Pictures (19)

Ben Campbell (Sturgess) and Jill Taylor (Bosworth) are on top with their winnings.
Humans and beasts collide in this prehistoric period film. <i> Photo courtest of Warner Bros. Pictures </i>
Max (James McAvoy) and Penelope (Christina Ricci) fall for each other through a one-way mirror. <i>Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment LLC</i>
Snowfall totaled up to nearly four inches today.
"Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" stars (from bottom center going clockwise) Sarah Rothman, Maile Zox, Zoe Cohen, Max Kameras and Ellie Deustachio.