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Blair's jazz band rehearses after school in the auditorium for their fast approaching concert this Wednesday.
Senior Matt McCutchen was awarded the Siemens Foundation's Award for Advanced Placement for the 2006-2007 school year.
A group of Junior boys take in the sun and support Blair at Friday's pep rally.
Seniors Courtney Deluca and Laura Cole smile into Friday afternoon's stifling sunlight while displaying their Blair pride.
Senior Philip Allen shows some pride.
The boys lacrosse team defeats all things evil and un-Blair (while terrifying the Blazer in the process).
Sophomores scramble to show off their Blair pride.
Blazers threw themselves into the spirit of things at the Blair pep rally this Friday.
Several sophomores watch preparations for the rally during 5b lunch this Friday.
Blazers showed incredible spirit at Friday's pep rally in the stadium during the second half of the day.
Teacher Kenneth Seat and Senior John Conroy demonstrate martial arts for Seat's 7th period East Asia class.
George Vlasits of the Social Studies department put a tropical spin on teaching this Thursday.
Blazers stream into the stadium during Wednesday's fire drill.
Junior Santita Daley poses in her toga for Toga Day on Tuesday.
Spirited librarian Susan Payne-Madden displays her toga.
Juniors Frannie Blume and Lily Naden prepare for toga day this Tuesday in celebration of spirit week.
Participants constructed cardboard tents to simulate the homes of the displaced.
Participants constructed cardboard tents to simulate the homes of the displaced.
Participants arrive on the National Mall.
Participants of today's "Displace Me" event gave up food and water and camped out on the National Mall to support the children of war-torn Uganda.
Miss Blazer 2007 Nicole Severi performs a dance from Napoleon
Dynamite on Friday in the auditorium.
Senior Leandra Tidwell enjoys student artworks on Thursday in the media center.
Senior Avi Edelman hands out information and pins to the many Blazers who participated in the nationwide Day of Silence on Wednesday.
Freshmen Rebecca Novello and Claire Teitelbaum and senior Michael Novello performed along with several other blazers this weekend in a collection of surreal plays for Lumina Studio Theater.
Flores afuera de Blair dan bienvenida a estudiantes regresando de los vacaciones de primavera.
Freshly planted red tulips spring up on the Blair grounds.
A sign advertises outside the school's main entrance for the upcoming Blair Fair on April 20.
New signs dot the student parking lot, giving directions to both students and parents.
The snow that fell Friday night wilted spring flowers.
Blazers happily swarmed into the bleachers during Friday's fire drill.
A Blazer runs through the stadium bleachers at the beginning of Friday's warm-weathered fire drill.
Junior Gabriela Huffman sits on the floor of portable two during Friday's code red drill.
Recently a new sign was put up on the Colesville side of Blair.
Senior co-captain Camden Lee knocks a disc out of the air during this Sunday's game against Magruder where Blair's Frisbee team lost 11-13.
A student works on a puzzle at the new Puzzle Place in the media center.
Social studies teacher Lansing Freeman's blind date was detailed in The Washington Post.
The Pirate crew of this year's spring musical, The Pirates of Penzance, belt out a song. Come out to see the show in its entirety starting this Friday at 7:30.
Senior Diego Ardila flies through the air at Thursday's teasers. Come see the show this weekend and next, student and Senior tickets cost $5 and adult tickets cost $8. On opening night students only cost $3.
Senior Diego Ardila leads fellow pirates in a selection from Blair's production of "Pirates of Penzance."
Malcolm Foley takes the stage with his swaggering Pirate King during today's teasers for the upcoming spring musical.
Sunday's beautifully pleasant weather was perfect for an Ultimate Frisbee game in which Blair played against T.J.
Blazers signed a petition and called their representatives today during 5A and 5B lunches to insist on U.S. action in Darfur, Sudan.
Several veterans for peace, including Michael Marceau, spoke to Peace Studies classes today during first and third periods. On March 17 Marceau and others will be part of a protest ending at the Pentagon.
Senior Dan Keller plays Frisbee in a flurry of flakes that fell during 5B lunch and throughout Wednesday.
The PTSA set up a Chinese New Year themed teacher appreciation lunch after students were dismissed for the early release day. The lunch even included fortune cookies containing sayings about Blair.
Freshman Gemma d'Eustachio laughs up at the snow flakes that continued to fall all Sunday.
Seniors Shaagnik Mukherji and Eleazar Rubenstein and sophomore Jonathan Gootenberg perform with the Jazz Ensemble in the SAC at lunch, part of this week's rescheduled Winter Spirit events.
Seniors Shaagnik Mukherji and Eleazar Rubenstein and junior Jonathan Gootenberg perform with the Jazz Ensemble in the SAC at lunch, part of this week's rescheduled Winter Spirit events.
Senior Ele Rubenstein drums along with fellow members of the jazz combo during 5A lunch on Wednesday.
These jello hearts may be a disaster to make, but your hard work will be endearing and adorable.
These heart-shaped sandwiches are so cute, you'll eat them right up.
Mama Mia!  Pizza ingredients for a lovely dinner.
What better way to surprise your Valentine than with heart-shaped pancakes?
Top your meals off with this mouth-watering Valentines cake.
Prepare freshly-baked cookies to warm up your Valentine's heart.
Tuesday morning buses pull into the Blair parking lot, despite icy conditions and predicted snow.
Senior Kenny Coleman looked like a prep school boy from head to toe on Monday.
Seniors Michael Stamm and Mihir Narain belt out "Born to be Wild" during the final Senior Act of Magnet Arts Night held Friday evening in the auditorium. <i>Click to see more photos from the show.</i>
Freshmen Emily Hedrick, Sibyl Brown and Samuel Zucker pop the collars on their polos for Monday's Prep Day. <i>Click to view a gallery of the day. </i>
It's time to bring out those mittens, boots and scarves. Click this photo to read  Chips' suggestions on activities for the season.
Monika Chadda sings and Mr. Donaldson plays guitar during a rendition of "Driftin' too far from the shore." Mr. Kaluta also played bass and sang.
Nine students showed off their moves in an Indian Folk Dance.
Helen Chen dances during magnets.ROCKTHISHOUSE.
Senior magnets say "Bye Bye Blair" during the magnets.ROCKTHISHOUSE act.
Senior Alice Fan performs a dance during Magnet Arts Night. The show consisted of other dances in addition to musical performances, comedy acts, and other skits.
Seniors Michael Stamm and Mihir Narain belt out "Born to be Wild" during the final Senior Act of Magnet Arts Night held Friday evening in the auditorium. <i>Click to see more photos from the show.</i>
The snowfall last night gave Blazers and other Montgomery County students the day off today.
Stitch Club member Alyssa Sanders
Julia Mascioli Knitting in Stitch Club
Sunday morning brought on the first snowfall of the season that continued well into the evening, leaving about 1 to 2 inches.
Sophomore Adam Carey in his prep day attire is accompanied by a teddy bear.
Students found these flags upon returning from winter break.
Cultural flags now line the hallway of Blair
The Christian Club played an inspirational pop-rock song.
In addition to cultural club performances,  SGA President Eric Hysen announced the winners of the Charity Challenge. The junior class won the challenge with over $500 and the after-exams party in January.
Bollywood Club dances to upbeat Indian music.
Middle Eastern Dance Club bent and twisted their bodies with belly-dance moves.
This Middle Eastern dancer defies gravity as she leans back
Caribbean Club opened the Showcase assembly.
The Bollywood Club's dance performances aroused the crowd in the bleachers with their beats and moves.
Senior blazers dance to the student DJ-ed music between the two club showases.
The Bollywood Club put on a crowd-pleasing performance at the SGA's Cultural Club Showcase held during sixth period on Dec. 22. Other clubs that performed were the Caribbean Club, Middle Eastern Dance Club, and Christian Club. <i> Click on the photo to view more from this event. <i>
For the past two years, Blair students have worked to restore the wetlands located behind the school.
Junior Peter Lorenz sits down during Tuesday morning's protest against the administration's new tardiness policy
Students re-enter Blair after being issued detentions.
Protestors rally outside of Blair on Tuesday morning during first period.
Administrator James Short warns protestors Tuesday morning as they rally against the newly implemented, school-wide tardiness policy.
Concert band, among other Blair classical instrumental groups, performed in the winter concert held in the auditorium Dec. 14.
Seniors Bao Nguyen and Yue Cui supervise the SGA penny drive which is part of December's Charity Challenge
Junior Malcolm Foley tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in his role as "Grandfather" in "A Christmas Carol."
A broken panel in the door to the student courtyard can be seen Friday, Dec. 1 during lunch.
Senior Ele Rubenstein and fellow drummer play a rousing opening to the Charity Challenge assembly.
Senior Scott Whittman acts as the notorious Scrooge against senior Jason Meer as Marley's ghost in the teaser for<i>A Christmas Carol</i>, this year's fall play. The play opens Friday, Dec. 1 and continues Dec. 2, 8 and 9. All performances are at 7:30 p.m. Student tickets are only $2 opening night.
A Blazer gives blood.
InToneNation opened the Club Showcase with the National Anthem.
The Percussion Band performs a rhythmic set at the Showcase.
Senior Ele Rubenstein plays a drum solo during the Jazz Combo's performance at the Club Showcase Wednesday afternoon. <i>Click for more photos.</i>
Students head towards the stadium for the second time on Nov. 20 after another alarm sounds.
A Blazer is taken care of by a red cross nurse Nov. 10 while giving blood.
A broken sprinkler prompted a flood in the weight room and triggered the fire alarm today during first period.
Senior Matias Salina takes a break from sipping his soda to grin at the camera while giving blood Friday in the wrestling room.
<i>Click</i> on the photo to read more about the Blair's underground lunch life.
Several Blazers break school rules to buy and sell food during lunch.
Several Blazers break school rules to sell food during lunch and make a profit.
Blair's Ultimate Frisbee Club, Home Cooked, qualified for the finals in a local tournament this Saturday at the former Montgomery Hills Junior High School/Hebrew Academy. Here,  junior Walker Hatchett throws his body towards the frisbee during their game against the Mother Huckers.
Senior Zach Eaton saves the Halloween day as his homemade super hero: the Black Spot.
Senior Leandra Tidwell chose to deck herself out in orange clothing and silver angel wings this Halloween.
Senior Alex Georgiadis commandeers the Blair Hallways this Halloween!
Victoria Yao
Jeffrey Guo
Many blazers dressed up for Oct. 31. Here junior Molly Martinez cooks up a wicked Hallowen costume. <i>Click this photo to see more costumes from the day. <i>
<b>Halloween is this Tuesday</b> and SCO has prepared many tips for the season. Click on the photo above to find out about many <b>local pumpkin patches</b>. And, <A HREF=>  click here</A> for a guide to <b>spooky activities</b> and <A HREF=>  click here</A> to see the <b>Halloween-y recipes</b> the food section has to offer.
Pilot and senior Robert Riker
Nurses from the African American Health Program spoke to freshman girls about sexuality, self-respect, pride and health, Oct. 26 during seventh period.
Seniors Maggie Sullivan and Jessica Wolcott of the Girls Varsity Soccer team wear adornments created by the underclassman to advertise the Senior Game tonight at 7:00 P.M.
A fire alarm prompted an emergency evacuation at the end of 5B today.
The pep rally held on Friday during seventh period pinnacled spirit week and started off homecoming weekend.
Senior Leandra Tidwell on hat day.
Senior Eric Hysen can be seen raiding the vending machines on adventure day this Wednesday.
Junior Stevia Morawski is pirated away by senior Julia Kaufman  on Wednesday's Adveture themed spirit day.
Senior Kevin McGehee plans his great escape on adventure day this Wednesday.
Flava Flav! Senior Terence McPhereson dresses up as a favorite retro celebrity.
Francesca  Blume, a junior, shows off her wacky fashion in a dramatic pose on Tuesday's wackytacky/retro day
Junior Cady Rogers pridefully displays her wackiness
Adventure Club decorates the 150s hall with Survivor motif.
Silver Quill decorated the 150s hall with a scrabble theme.
Sophomores have the theme of Life.
Media specialists Ilene Catzva and Carolyn Madden, dressed in their PJs, pose next to the adminstration checkers that can be found in the 140s hallway.
Friends and freshmen Lashee Barton share the spirit of PJ Day on Monday.
Senior Mazal Zuares sports both formal attire and PJ bottoms with slippers for the dual spirit day.
Spirit week started off today with Pajama and/or Formal Day. Here Senior Christina Washington and Junior Jyoti Beribal pose in their comfy pajamas.  <i>Click to view a gallery from the day. </i>
Seniors Avi Silber and Aaron Isrin perform a dramatic reading of Isrin's creative piece entitled, "Strange Eye for the White Guy," during their creative writing class' "Coffeehouse" seventh period, Thursday.
Beads and other crafts were sold at booths at Takoma Park's traditional Street Festival. Blazers and other residents crowed the streets for food, fun and activities on Sunday.
Blazers leave the stadium to return to class after the fire evacuation drill today after homeroom and before third period.
Beads and other crafts were sold at booths at Takoma Park's traditional Street Festival. Blazers and other residents crowed the streets for food, fun and activities on Sunday.
Varsity soccer players, senior Maggie Sullivan and sophomore Annie Worden, pose as superheroes to show off their soccer spirit.
SGA is trying to increase student awareness this year, and show that it is a force to be reckoned with. <i> click on photo to view the story.</i>
A lady Blazer signs up for Blair's softball team at the athletics booth.
A blazer shows off at the Stage Crew table in the Activity Fair to entice prospective new members of the club. The Activity Fair, an annual Blair tradition to inform students about the school's many extracurricular clubs, was held in the gym during 5A and 5B on Sept. 15. <b>To learn more about the clubs Blair has to offer, visit SCO's club section.</b> <i> Click on photo to view  more from the Fair. </i>
A shopper admires mirrors made by a local craftsman.
Takoma Park Middle School hosted the local Folk Festival. Children and adults alike came to enjoy food, crafts and music. <i> Click on photo to view a gallery from the event </i>
A dad and son are among many families that enjoyed the jazz festivities downtown on Saturday.
People of all ages came out to enjoy the professional and amateur jazz groups.
A girl watches the headlining band, Spyro Gyro, of the Silver Spring Jazz Festival.
The Marcus Johnson Project poses after playing a set of smooth jazz.
SGA's Terence McPhearson poses as he sets up for the Back to School Barbeque on Friday afterschool.
Blazers enjoy the Back to School BBQ on Sept. 8. <i> Click on photo to view more photos from the event. </i>
Geese enjoy being back at school. Hopefuly they will make room for the Football Team, who play their first game tonight at 5:30 PM.
These women, like many others, dressed in traditional garb to represent their cultures at the Immigration Rally on Sep 7.
A large portion of the protesters included children.
This man and woman, like many of the rally attendees, displayed flags to show their pride in both their native countries and USA.
This man beats his drum enthusiastically to chants of "Si se puede," which translates to "Yes we can!"
A multicultural mob flooded the mall late Thursday afternoon, rallying for immigrant rights. Click on photo to view a picture gallery of the event.
As many may remember, to celebrate Shark Week, the Discovery Building in Silver Spring was transformed into a Great White this summer.
A yellow flower brightens the Blair wetlands.