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Alex is proud to be a SENIOR!! When not running around being Blair's own paparazzi, she enjoys hanging out with her fatties in crime, being ridiculous, and sleeping/ eating herself into a coma. She also enjoys dancing till she drops, laughing out loud to a point of embarrassment, and driving with the music blasting. She's also happy to be a part of SCO's amazing staff.

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Counselors are able to help out their students by assisting them with college decisions, financial aids and providing a letter of recommendation for college applications.
Senior Andrea Arguera quotes John Locke in her capstone presentation.
For her capstone project, Charlotte Aldebron presented her experiences in Japan as a lecturer on peace.
Students presented their capstone projects to a panel of teachers, usually including the head of the department and the student's advisory teacher.
Miriam Elbalghiti stands proudly beside her project in the media center.
Senior Antony Mathias presents his experiences as an intern at a hopsital to his peers as his capstone project.
Senior Sebastian Falcon is attending the Culinary Institute of America this fall.
Students in Nicole Hopkins' AP Environmental Science class celebrate Earth Day with a field trip to Northwest Branch Park on Thursday.
Robert Hopkins goes over student service learning hours at the senior meeting on Monday. The meeting also covered subjects such as prom and graduation.
The Reading Department will undergo scheduling changes to make the year go more smoothly for students.
<i>Photo illustration by Alex Lutz.</i>
Senior Lester Charles didn't need to put forth any effort into his facial hair. It grows naturally!
Senior Mindy Or has a very intricate growth of facial hair.
Freshman Ellen Presley, unable to grow her own facial hair, resorts to using makeup to show her spirit.
Para el dia de disfraz de bigote Caitlin O'Donell del once grado se disfraza comicamente con un bigote para demonstrar su espritu escolar.
Junior Caitlin O'Donell gives a stern look  from underneath her caterpillar eyebrows and string beard. Thursday marked Facial Hair day for spirit week.
Senior Tyler Kelly improvises his facial hair by making a moustache and beard out of paper napkins.
Seniors Melanie Martindale, Angela Sivak and Sara Koivula stroke their faux-hair.
The Bollywood club performs a traditional Indian dance during 5b lunch as a part of spirit week.
Senior Leslie Shapiro is pretty in goth for High School Stereotype Day.
Sophomore Jonathan Guzman has a lot of street cred on Blair Boulevard.
Sophomore Sam Zucker, Jessie Harrelson, Lita Farquhar, and Sibyl Brown represent all the high school stereotypes in their group of friends.
The girls lacrosse team huddles up after a rainy win against the Northwest Jaguars.
Senior captain Helen Anderson works to get the ball back during the lacrosse game against the Northwest Jaguars.
Sophomore Jill Lidsky reaches for a ground ball during the lacrosse game against Northwest high school.
Players line up around the center circle to reach for the draw during last Thursday's game against Northwest.
With flying fingers, freshman Sujay Dighe drums out a beat on the tabla.
Freshman Ankita Das Gupta performs a traditional Indian dance at International Night.
Students relax on the football field as they watch, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, sponsored by the SGA. The movie viewing sparks off Spirit Week, starting next Monday.
Author Mike Tidwell speaks to students and parents after the showing of his movie, We Are All Smith Islanders, at the Environmental Movie Festival sponsored by SGR.
Senior Andrea Arguera gets a bracelet tied on her wrist by the head monk at Thai Wat Washington DC Buddhist temple during David Whitacre's Comparative Religion class trip.
Cast members Stephen Elefante and Kristopher Quick celebrate at the end of the performance.
Eric LaPrince and cast address eachothers issues within the play using what they call the, conflict resoltion model.
Blair senior Michael Leonard singing during one of the musical numbers.
City at Peace features a diverse cast and brings real life to the stage.
In one musical number, the cast divides into serparate racial groups and sings about the hardships they face on a daily basis.
Blair students Elissa Fischel and Neva Bowers performed in "City at Peace."
Serena, played by Madison Taylor (left), decides to finally put out all of the inner issues of the Teens for Change group over the internet.
Gabi Huffman and Madison Taylor confront one another about personal issues.
District Superintendent Heath Morrison answers a parent's question during a heated exchange at Wednesday's open meeting concerning next year's budget cuts for the Magnet Program.
Senior Willy Marte, 19 years old, is on track to graduate despite losing two grade levels after moving from the Dominican Republic in 2006.
Marte working on a poetry translation in class.
Marte asks for help on an assignment.
Marte takes time out of class to joke with a fellow student.
Senior Willy Marte
Construction on new sidewalks and curbs have recently begun on Colesville Road. The project aims to ensure safer walks home for Blazers.
Senior Christoff Visscher surprises fellow senior Michelle Lopez by asking her to prom with a bundle of balloons on the main staircase. Prom is scheduled for May 24th.
Hodges plays World Of Warcraft for several hours a week, and sometimes plays with his 3-year-old son.
For Blaha, playing any kind of computer game is a great way to relax and have a good time.
Anderson still plays his beat-down PlayStation 2, but promises to stop once it finally breaks.
Students file onto the bleachers during the unexpected fire drill.
Senior Alex Demarais collects money during lunch for SGA's Charity Challenge. The Challenge concluded on March 20.
Senior Tintin Nguyen talks to Norman Stant in the hallway regarding upcoming AP tests. Students can register for tests without a late fee until the end of the week.
Environmental initiatives - like implementing new lights in computer labs - sponsored by the SGR aim to make Blair a more eco-friendly school.
Students now work under the low glow of ambient lighting.
Hundreds of bags of mulch lay in wait to be ordered and delivered by the Blair Athletics Boosters for their annual spring mulch sale.
Poetry slam winners from left to right: Rex Jarrett, Jessica Diaz-Hurtado, and Jacob Weisman.
Each class will have its own canister for students to put donations in.
A sign promoting the Charity Challenge.
Matthews talks to a student one-on-one about the possibilities of a career in nursing.
Matthews comes prepared with flyers promoting nursing.
Matthews points out something on a computer in the Career Center.
Megan Matthews, a registered nurse, shares her passion with Blazers at lunch.
The North Four Corners Park and the land around it is a favorite place for neighborhood dog walkers.
Multiple stumps and tree remains show signs of premature cutting.
A large amount of mulch and an excess log are all that remain of one tree.
Multiple tree stumps are scattered around the park.
A young tree lays haphazardly on the grass.
Trees lay broken in the cleared groves.
Clumps of debris and underbrush lay scattered amongst the park.
A tree stump sits in a cleared grove.
Walkers are greeted into the park by a beaten path and what used to be lush groves of trees.
The soccer field already present at North Four Corners Park may be converted to a landscaped park.
Teachers and administration enjoy a luxurious spread set out by the PTA after school celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.
Teachers and administration enjoy a luxurious spread set out by the PTA after school celebrating Teacher Appreciation week.
Junior Rachel Nicholson daintily poses in her 1950's housewife outfit.
Senior Lauren Sumida blasts all the way into the past in her homemade dinosaur costume.
Seniors Andre Brutus, Joey Jenkins, Bradley Harmon, Zach Brown, Michelle Lopez, and Michelle Neal set out to fight crime in their group themed Power Rangers costumes.
Senior Elissa Fischel is ready for her closeup with her movie star secret identity. Wednesday marked Secret Identity Day for Spirit Week.
Junior Kitty Martin cant bring her dog to school so she settles for wearing them on her pajamas.
Senior Linda Li looks sweet in her pink candy pajamas.
Senior Susan Thomas helps paint posters announcing the four spirit days: Slumber Party Day, Secret Identity Day, Blast from the Past Day and Red Out Day.
An inviting atmosphere makes Ruan Thai a delicious place to dine.
Tucked away in Wheaton, Ruan Thai offers great food for reasonable prices.
"Un flor para tu amor," uno de los regalos que se vendieron durante el almuerzo esta semana.
Intercambiando cartas de amor.
Baila el tango, o cualquier baile que te guste, para acercarte a tu novio o novia.
Banderas de varias universidades colgadas en la pared del Centro de Carreras.
El Centro de Carreras ofrece muchos recursos para ayudarles a los estudiantes con el proceso complejo de solicitar a la universidad.
A student poses in the original mascot costume, ordered in 1988 and the first ever to represent Blair.
The second mascot head, modeled here, was made by a Blair parent after the first one deteriorated.
A student models the current mascot head and costume, in use since 2000.
The Grammy judges
Students crowd the bleachers as they wait to be dismissed from the 7th period fire drill.
People wait on the stage to get a tour of the auditorium.
An old tool box in the light booth.
The old Blair auditorium includes two level dressing rooms complete with showers.
Hundreds of shoes and old costumes still lay on the floor of the old dressing rooms.
The dusty seats await their next audience.
Posters from previous plays and productions cover a wall backstage.
In addition to the stage, the old Blair auditorium also houses a full photography darkroom.
The old light board in the lighting booth still glows in the dark despite being abandoned.
The layout of the auditorium hangs on a vacant wall.
Costumes still hang in the old dressing rooms amongst built up graffiti.
A lone glove lays on the stage among debris.
The old Blair auditorium can hold over 1000 people in its stadium seating.
A view of the stage from the light booth.
Old makeup and papers lay on top of old dressing room counters.
An old list of acts for a play remains duct-taped to a wall amid old costumes and graffiti.
Light gels leftover from the old light booth lie scattered on the floor.
A bulletin board with news articles and current updates sits near the entrance to the auditorium.
Old light fixtures and curtains hang amongst old stage crew supplies and litter.
With the exception of makeup exams on Friday, students can finally celebrate the end of exam week with a heavy snowfall.
Senior Iliya Smithka keeps her eyes ahead of her as she leads the ball down the field against Richard Montgomery.
Answering machines that play back InfoFlow are now operational and can be reached at 301-649-2893.
Senior Tyler Johnson bedazzled herself with jewels, accessories, and patterns of all colors.
Senior Matt Diaz figures nothing can be tackier than a banana costume!
While the rest of the school took the PSAT test on Wednesday morning, seniors had the choice between several college oriented stations, including a mini college fair held in the gym.
A Lady Blazer leads the ball down the field against Springbrook.
Resource Counselor, Marcia Johnson, gives a presentation on the academies and capstone at the 12th Grade Parent Meeting on Thursday.
Ravilious works the concessions at SGA's Back to School BBQ in the fall.
Blazers wait in anticipation as the game moves into strokes after an unsuccessful double overtime.
Junior Julia Stratton leads the ball down the field during the Sept. 20 match against Richard Montgomery.
Various bands entertained the growing crowd at the SGA sponsored Back to School Barbecue on Friday.
SILVERDOCS, the world renowned international film festival, took place at the AFI Silver Theatre and other venues this week. Many Blazers and their families participated in the festival by viewing the documentaries or volunteering their time.
Students filter into the hallways between the first and second period exams. Final exams started Friday 8th and continue until Wednesday 13th.
Alumni, coaches, current players and families joined together Saturday night for the Andrew Helgeson Memorial Lacrosse Game.
The Thespian Club performs in 2007.
Sophomore Adam Carey and Senior Ellie D'Eustachio play an argumentative couple in the one act play, "Fight Dreams." Thespian's Club put on six one act plays on June 1st.
Juniors move into the senior courtyard on Tuesday 29th, in celebration of their first day as seniors.
In the past week of warm weather, Blazers and their families have flocked to their local pools to cool off.
Juniors hang a new banner from the third floor staircase on the 25th, senior's last day.
Dr. D'Angelo grades papers at her desk in the CAP office.
The Wheaton Carnival held Saturday May 19th, brought out many Blazers and their families for a night of rides, lights, food and fun.
Peter and Lisa are all smiles at Woodmoor's "Fajita Coast."
Lockwood and Ross at the local Fajita Coast.
Junior Ben MacLeod shows off his facepainting skills by painting the classic Blazer face including a moustache and goatee.
Senior Christine Douglas blazes up the hallways during Class Spirit Day in her glowing '07 glasses and bright facepaint.
Blazers fill the bathrooms during both lunches putting on Blazer tattoos and other spirit-ware.
Principal Gainous met with parents Friday morning to discuss issues such as his possible resignation.
Niclette Nassamba, del duodecimo grado, se pone la ropa tradicional de su pais, Congo para el dia  cultural en miercoles como parte de la semana de espiritu.
Sophomore Fikriye Yilmaz shows off aspects of the traditional clothing from her country, Turkey.
Sophmores show their Jewish pride for Culture Day.
Junior Stevia Morawski dressed in a traditional kilt for Culture Day.
Sophomore Sasha Butler wears a traditional red kimono from Japan to represent her culture for Wednesday's Culture Day.
Junior Dorcas Olawuni displays her Nigerian heritage for Culture Day on Wednesday.
Junior Tyler Kelly gives two thumbs up for his toga.
Sophomores Lily Ross, Deena Guynes, Gloria Rinonos, An Tran, and junior Stefan Reckson hang out Roman style by the lockers at lunch.
Juniors Amina Goheer, Suzanna Vaughan, and Kate Raulin take a moment to model their togas.
Senior Nicole Poor shows off her toga skills in photography class.
Ben Moskowitz, SMOB-elect, speaks in front of Blair students.
Tuesday, April 24th marked the first day of voting for SGA and SMOB elections. Voting will continue today during English and ESOL classes.
The Varsity lacrosse girls puts their sticks together for team spirit and motivation at their Friday game.
Senior Dana Ballard runs down the field followed by opponents during the Varsity girls lacrosse game against Richard Montgomery on Friday.
A lady blazer makes a strong hit during softball practice.
Freshman Roxanne Oroxom pitches to second base during softball practice.
Freshman Dukyoung Park hits the ball midair during a doubles match against Churchill.
Sophmore Charles Kong serves the ball up in his doubles match.
Senior Gabe Fonte batted against Blake in Varisty baseball's first game of the season on March 21st.
Senior Matt "Stix" Ludington hurls his pitch at an unprepared Blake batter on Wednesday. March 21 marked the first day of the spring sports season. Click on the photo to see more of what is to come this season.
Matt "Stix" Ludington pitched for varsity baseball Wednesday at their first game against Blake. Wednesday marked the first day of the spring sports season.
Extensive graffiti was discovered Tuesday morning on the cement wall of the practice field.
Judy Macon of Suburban Hospital spoke to junior and senior girls Monday, raising awareness about breast cancer.
Yesterday, students and parents filled the SAC for a meeting welcoming all students invited to the Magnet Class of 2011.
Sophomores took a practice HSA test today to prepare for the real HSA in May. The school has been trying to give students multiple opportunities to prepare for the upcoming test.
Dario Murales of Casa of Maryland, Inc. came to Blair Thursday to talk to the SGR about immigration rights, lobbying, and another possible march on Washington, D.C
Dario Murales of Casa of Maryland, Inc. came to Blair Thursday to talk to the SGR about immigration rights, lobbying, and another possible march on Washington, D.C.
Dario Murales of Casa of Maryland, Inc. came to Blair Thursday to talk to the SGR about immigration rights, lobbying, and another possible march on Washington, D.C.
Juniors Sara Koivula and Melanie Martindale celebrated Twin Day in their matching Bahama tees and pigtails.
Juniors Jyoti Beribal and Brittany Isaiah-Clevenger rocked out Twin Day in their hot pink skull tees and jeans.
Sophmores Neva Bowers and Sophie Schwadron were among many who celebrated Twin Day today.
Junior Jenimae Granados and senior Tiffani Gomez strike a pose for Twin Day in their matching hoodies and gold chains.<i>Click to view more of what Blazers wore on Thursday. </i>
Students returned back to school yesterday  after being out for multiple snow days last week.
All Montgomery County Public Schools were closed 2.5 hours early today due to icy weather.
Juniors Michelle Lopez, Zach Brown, and Stefan Reckson showed off their favorite Disney characters today.
Freshman Liam Hickman participated in Character Day with his gas mask and skateboard.
Junior Malcolm Foley as SHAFT!
For love and justice! Junior Lauren Sumida dresses as Sailor Moon for Spirit Week's Character Day on Tuesday. <i>Click to view a gallery of the day. </i>
Junior Caitlin Schneiderhan dresses like her favorite character, Indiana Jones.
Junior Ixchel Montenegro shows off her gangsta side for character day.
Sophmore Megan Ferguson dressed in a full school uniform and matching tote for this year's Prep Day.
Junior Mark Choi celebrated Prep Day in his own way.
Senior Juan Pastor celebrated Prep Day in his matching tie and sports jacket.
Juniors Eric LaPrince and Michael Leonard show off their classic prep style during 5b lunch.
Seniors Claire Harper, Robin Kameras, and Nicole Severi pose together during lunch in their preppy attire.
Juniors Paul Ishimoto and Walker Hatchett keep it cool in their bright polos and slacks.
Freshmen Annie Milligan, Gemma d'Eustachio, Rose Wynn, Mariah McPherson, Anya Kozarsky, Lauren Kesther, and Samantha Lint show off their preppy style.
Juniors Michelle Kae and Dora Yin were tickled pink for Prep Day.
Magnet students turn to silhouettes against a rainbow backdrop.
Junior co-captain Yang Yang swims the 200 IM.  Although his goggles fell off at the beginning of the race, Yang managed to place 3rd.
Apenas dos pulgadas de nieve que cayeron anoche fue suficiente para convencer a los oficiales cancelar las clases hoy.
McCutchen (left) and Lawrence (right) stand proudly with their winning projects.
Seniors Matt McCutchen and Brian Lawrence  were named yesterday as finalists in the annual Intel Science Talent Search.
A ladder leading to one of Blair's many catwalks.
Sophomore Melissa Mergner (green cap) swims the backstroke.
Sophomore Abby Cember executes a back dive .
The SGA sponsored a breakfast for the winning classes of the canned food drive this morning.
A small group from the Honors Jazz Band played in Downtown Silver Spring on December 16, giving plenty of holiday cheer to the listeners.
Junior captain Eddie Qian (Tang) swimming the 100 breaststroke.
The swimmers relaxing and watch the diving section of the meet.
The girl's 100 breaststroke.
The Blazers competed against the Magruder Colonels this Saturday.  The boys enjoyed a landslide victory, winning 124-46.  The girls lost 70-101.
Senior Nicole Poor does a backdive during the dual match against Magruder.
Junior Andrew Kannan swimming the 100 breaststroke.
Parents and students enjoyed the winter band concert last night featuring the Beginner Band, new Percussion Band, and Honors Band.
The Redskin's Marching Band paraded down the street with upbeat tunes.
The mummers from Pennsylvania participated.
Another Bolivian Dance Troupe dances engergetically down Georgia Ave.
Residents lined the street to view the Thanksgiving Parade.
A Metro float  wheels down the Avenue.
The Blair Marching Band participates in the Parade.
Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops from the area participated in the parade. This troop acted out a skit-like performance as they walked down Georgia Ave.
Local children dressed as Pilgrims begin the parade.
The cans and non-perishable food items pile up in the SGA office as the annual canned food drive continues at Blair.
A turkey float goes down Georgia Avenue in Downtown Silver Spring as part of the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade on Nov. 18. A wide variety of groups participated and performed in the parade including Blair's marching band. <i>Click the photo to view a photo gallery from the Parade. </i> And, click here  to <A HREF=>  read about</A> the event.
Cheerleaders cheer and get the crowd pepped at the Varsity Football game against Damascus that ended in a 35-7 loss Friday night.
Blazers sing a duet at the annual Choral Coffee House that featured musical preformances by Blair students, alumni, and their friends in room 16, Friday night.
Students break dance to the beat of the music played by the DJ at the social.
Hispanic Club puts on a traditional salvadorean dance.
The Blair Black Diamond Dancers perform a routine.
A group of cast members act out a scene from the fall play, <i>A Christmas Carol</i>.
Students engage in video games at the annual Freshman Social held in the SAC Nov. 9 afterschool. <i>Click on the photo above to view more from the event. <i/>
A blazer gets his face painted.
Mid-term elections occurred today. Citizens across the nation flocked to polls to vote in this election that may change the balance in Congress.
Sophomore Cynthia Francisco poses as a psycho.
Senior A'Gia Alston shows off her spooky, black fingernails that she wore for Halloween.
Junior Ashton Hoegberg....????
Senior Samarth Gola dressed as the Nintendo hero Luigi, borther to Mario.
Senior Jason Meer dressed as NSL teacher Lansing Freeman.
Sophomores Shenee and Jenee Holden and Indigo Laode show off their spirit in their creative costumes. <i>Click on this photo</i> to view a photo gallery of the different costumes Blazer wore for Halloween Tuesday.
Students and staff evacuated the building after the fire alarm sounded today before 5B. <i>Click this photo to read the story. <i>
Freshmen Kelly Pelz-Butler, Ellen Jackson, Lainie Brice, and Christina Munozpandya pose in their furry and delicious hats.
Mrs. Fuss had a picnic on Crazy Hat Day wearing her hot dog hat.
Seniors are given the theme of Monopoly for gameboard Homecoming '06. <i> To view more decorations from around the school, click on the photo. </i>
Math teacher John Giles is all geared up to ride his mini bike.
Sophomore and Tae Kwon Do student Kevin Espino shows off his skills in his karate uniform for Adventure Day.
Junior Jacob Weisman poses during 5a lunch in his samurai costume.
NSL teacher Lansing Freeman shows us his adventurous side with his safari themed outfit.
Sophomores, Ninja Master Willie Albert and Captain Aaron Kozloff seek adventure during 5a lunch for Spirit Week's Adventure Day. <i> Click to view more from the day. </i>
The Freshmen class have the theme of Clue for Homecoming.
Seniors represent Monopoly for Homecoming '06.
Juniors decorate with the theme of Candyland.
Senior Braulio Salas baila salsa con su campanera en la SAC durante los dos almerzos martes, para representar Club de Hispanos y hacer excitacion entre los estudiantes para Homecomming.
Senior Braulio Salas whips his partner around in a salsa routine the two performed during lunch in the SAC, to represent Hispanic Club and to add to the hype of Spirit Week.
Sophmore Jessica Arce flutters down the hallway in her tacky outfit with matching wings.
Juniors Josie Callahan and Michelle Kae colorfully express their tackyness in flashy prints and bright colors.
Seniors Daniel Dasilua and Fletcher Jones go retro for Wacky Tacky/ Retro Day on Tuesday.
Junior Dora Yin , one of the winners of Pajama Day/ Formal Day, poses in her outfit that allowed her to participate in both themes.
Math teacher, Mr. Giles, poses in his footy pajamas showing off his spirit during Pajama Day.
Hispanic Club decorated the 160s hall with  dominoes backed with flags of hispanic countries.
Senior Jessie Hallberlin gets ready to drive the ball at the game against Kennedy on Wednesday.
Senior and field hockey golie Maura Druhan was named this week's athlete of the week.
Bob Woodward happily signs his new controversial book, <i>State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III</i>, for fans at the National Book Fair held on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Saturday.
The blazers fell to Sherwood on Friday night.
Freshmen met in the Auditorium during second and fourth periods to hear the campaign speeches by students running to represent 2010 in SGA, and to hear speeches made by two special guest speakers.
Aaron Klein, Blair alum and former candidate for District 20 State Delegate, speaks to freshmen during the SGA Freshmen Elections Convention held Wednesday. The event also featured remarks from District 20 State Senate Elect Jamie Raskin as well speeches from each of the freshmen candidates. <i>Click to learn more about the candidates for 2010 office.</i>
The Varsity Field Hockey team fights hard against Quince Orchard.
Junior Julie Zhu goes to strike in the girls varsity game against Walt Whitman Sept. 25.
Senior Claire Harper goes for the ball in the home game against Quince Orchard Monday afternoon. 
<i>click on photo to read about the game. </i>
Senior Halsey Sinclair who runs for cross country is this week's Athlete of Week.
Junior Noori Chai gets the ball from Sherwood during the Sept.  15 game.
Sophomore Anne Warden, striker, steals the ball away from Sherwood, in the varsity game on Sept. 20. Blair lost 3-1.
Blazers crowd the Renaissance Hall after school for the last chance to audition for the fall play, <i>A Christmas Carol</i> Sept. 20.
Fashion Club was a popular destination for many blazers attending the Activity Fair during 5th period. <i> Click on the photo to find out more about this club. <i/>
Youth and Government was one of many clubs that recruited members at the Activity Fair on Friday.
Hispanic Club poses at their highly decorated booth. <i>To learn more about this club click on the photo. </i>
Keith Jackson shows off a bobble-head doll from the Japanese Club table. <i>For more information on Japanese Club click on the photo.<i/>
Junior Amanda Pollak boasts of Amnesty International. <i>To learn more about this club, click on the photo.</i>
Junior Eve Kenney runs for the ball during the game against Blake on Sept. 15. at 3:30 PM.
Sophomore and soccer player, Anne Worden was named Athlete of the Week by Blair's Athletics' Department.
Primary elections were held today across the state. Above, the lawn of Forest Knolls Elementary School, a poll location, is littered with campaign materials.
Blair's marching Band performed at halftime.
Sophmore Blazer cheer on the football team and show their class pride at the "Game."
Varsity Players show their excitment for the second touchtown.
As class ends, a flurry of parents swarm the hallways on their way to their children's next period at Back to School Night Thursday evening.
These Peruvian Dancers were one of the attractions in the Labour Day Parade.
Cheerleaders proudly hold the Blair banner in the Kensington Labor Day Parade.
A local Boy Scouts troop races down in the Labor Day Parade on Monday.
Mencher and Diaz at the local Santucci's Deli.
The Symphonic Orchestra received the highest possible score, straight ones, at the Maryland State Orchestra Festival. This is the first year that Blair has competed at the competition.
Students returned back to school yesterday after being out for three snow days and an early release day last week.
The girls won their first meet, making it Blair's first sweep win for the season.