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Monday, August 20, 2018 4:20 pm

David Dunn

Technical Editor
David Dunn is the god of all things unusual. Instead of working during his junior year, he experimented with a range of interesting hairstyles, ranging from a mullet (Thanksgiving '06) to a buzz cut (Spring Break '07) to a Jew-Fro (which he continues to rock). This year, David gave up his other passions -- Algerian cooking and Scottish dance -- to become SCO's resident tech slave. sike.

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The mouthwatering final product: four-cheese ravioli in bacon alfredo sauce.  Garnished with a sprig of fresh parsley, this dish is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.
When the ravioli float, they are ready to be plated and served.
The finished alfredo sauce teeming with rich flavors.
The finished ravioli, filled with cheese and crimped on the sides, are ready to be boiled.
Onions, garlic, basil and parsley bring their flavor and color to both the ravioli and the alfredo sauce.
The secret ingredient scientifically proven to ameliorate any recipe: bacon!
Cut ovals of pasta dough with the lip of a drinking glass.
Roll the pasta dough into as thin a sheet as possible.
Two of the four types of cheese used: cubed mozzarella on the left and grated Parmesan on the right.
To form the pasta dough, make a flour "volcano" with egg in the center, then slowly mix the flour in from the sides.