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Thursday, June 21, 2018 10:13 am

Brittany Allen

Online Features Editor
Brittany Allen is a sleep-deprived CAP SENNNNNIOORRR with a penchant for treading the boards in the Blair auditorium floor. When not spreading the love in Silver Chips Online, she acts as co-director of Blair's Young Thespian club with the fabulous and all-powerful Caitlin Schneiderhan. She enjoys music (and spends all of her pitiful money supply on concerts), long-dead television shows, parties at the Moontower, Kumar Patel, Courtney Burtraw and chai tea. She aspires to be Audrey Hepburn someday,but in the meantime is content to strut around Washington D.C with her friends wearing giant sunglasses and making obscure plans (re: manifestos). She would also like to make it clear, once and for all, that she has no intention of wasting her time to become another casualty of society- and certainly doesn't want to fall in line and become another victim of conformity.

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Any time is rice pudding time.
One Maryland Right to Life advertised CPC, Centro Tepeyac, is located at 800 Pershing Drive in Downtown Silver Spring, Suite 303A.
A Silver Spring driver advertises a CPC on the back of a car.
The Downtown Silver Spring branch of Planned Parenthood is located at 1400 Spring Street in Suite 450.
In the St. Patrick's Day tradition, four-leaf clovers are typically a sign of good luck.
Freshman Rachel Leksane uses a stuffed animal cow to perform well on tests.
A lucky pink sock lends senior Sally Hardin luck for musical competitions.