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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 2:34 pm

Emily Hsiao

Online Managing Editor
Emily is a Magnet senior who is extremely scared of pokes. She enjoys wasting her time watching Asian dramas, listening to Chinese music and reading novels late into the night. She loves to make her friends happy and doesn't mind when they laugh at her because she's too trusting (they call it gullible).

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Carrie UnderwoodAll-American Girl
4 stars
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3 stars

Galleries (6) Intel semifinalists

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Senior Jean Fan, an Intel semifinalist.
Senior Ansh Johri, an Intel semifinalist.
Senior Edward Gan, an Intel semifinalist.
Senior Akimitsu Hogge, an Intel seminfinalist.
Senior Srinivas Vasudevan, an Intel semifinalist.
Senior Sang Tian, an Intel seminalist.
Enjoy some homemade sweet and sour chicken that tastes just as good as restaurant food!
Move around the chicken pieces so that they are covered in the sweet and sour sauce.
Stir the sauce to make sure the starch has also been spread around before adding in the fried chicken.
Make the sauce, consisting of oil, ketchup and sugar, in the heated pan but remember to add the starch too at the end because the starch will help the sauce stick to the chicken.
Once the chicken has turned the crispy golden-brown color, take it out on of the pot and place it aside to cool.
As each piece changes color, flip over the chicken so that each side is fried evenly.  Be careful of the sizzling oil!
Be sure to cover the chicken in wetted flour and starch before placing it into the pan to make sure that it will stick to the chicken.
The amount of oil needed will depend on the type of pan.  It may be healthier to use less oil and just flip the pieces of chicken over more often so that the sides are still fried evenly.
Once each piece has been covered, place it aside for later use.
Try to evenly cover each piece of chicken with the dry flour and starch.
Be sure you are using boneless chicken before beginning the marinating process.
Even after the students have finished writing for Silver International, Bellino continues to teach and work with them in class.
This year's theme for Silverlogue is "Anatomy of a Blazer."  Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors on Wednesday.
Enjoy the Chinese turnip cake!
Pieces of the cake should be sliced off before frying.
Once cooked in a rice cooker, the cake should be solid and ready to be fried.
Stir and pour in the rice mixture at the same time.
Evenly mix the turnip with the mushroom, shrimp and bacon.
Try not to spill any of the turnip when pouring it in.
Mix the bacon and mushroom slices with the shrimp.
Slice the bacon into even pieces.
Try to cut the mushroom into the smallest pieces possible.
Grate the turnip so that it is shaved into thin pieces.
Cut the turnip in half so that it is easier to grate.
Peel off the skin of the turnip with a peeler.
Make sure the mixture is not too thin.
Remember to let the rice soften in water overnight.
Principal Darryl Williams discusses issues that parents bring up during the last breakfast of 2007.
Seniors Tina Zhang and Wenbo Dou and junior Elaine Chung demonstrate the art of Wushu, a type of Chinese martial arts, during the International Talent Show at the conference.
Enjoy the sushi!
A completed roll of sushi before it is cut in slices.
All the toppings are neatly lined up before the sushi is rolled up.
Remember to leave the right amount of space at the edges of the noori.
All the materials and toppings needed to make sushi.

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Music teacher Michelle Roberts gives her students in Concert Orchestra options on how they want to end the school year.